Friday Five – Weird short week


Five Thoughts:

  1. This week was… weird. No work on Monday; I’m taking a half day today. Tuesday was the only night we didn’t have an activity and I’m pretty sure I made dinner and then got on the couch under a blanket and machine-gunned episodes of The Middle. It’s been cold and I have been just so unmotivated. How do I get out from under this?
  2. To make it even worse, Saturday is going to be COLD and we have a 9 AM soccer game. Isaac’s is then at 10. Baby is going to literally be in layer upon layer and wrapped in a blanket in her stroller. Oh yay; winter.
  3. I got offered a second online section starting in a few weeks. I accepted even though when I have done it before, it kicked my butt. So. Much. Grading. But the money! I am too much of a penny pincher to pass it up. I can straight up save that!
  4. That big winter storm is bringing rain to us; we were woken at 6 by the loudest thunder I can ever remember, shaking our entire house. It woke up my oldest who came running into our room – which he never does. The morning then seemed all out of whack because of the downpour and our commute was pretty rough.
  5. One of my online students called me last night at like, 9:30. I didn’t know who it was so I hung up the call because I was in the bath tub. But then they texted me with a question about their paper. I know it’s part of the job but omg. I told him I’d call him this morning so I’m going to do that soon. FYI, I hate talking on the phone.

Five Photos:


Superman knows…


I’m craving some kind of stew



A couple funny music charts


Need to do this!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Weird short week

  1. I hate talking on the phone too! I do with my parents still regularly, but anyone else, yeah just text me 🙂 I sometimes miss those good Midwest thunderstorms that I experienced growing up.. but I don’t miss the snow and cold. I like the new look on your blog!

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