Random Tuesday – Normality is not easy to find

Stacy Uncorked

No bulleted list today; I’m just not feeling it.

What IS normal? What is my status quo reality?

I’m in my office today and desperately trying to catch up. I had my boys with me yesterday and they were ok. They were good for a while but started to lose their cool around lunch. I had them watching this old movie I used to like – Mother Goose Rock ‘n Rhyme – and they were VERY against it. Granted, it’s on youtube and crap quality but it’s from 1990!

I wasn’t as desperate as normal to get back to work. Our break seemed just about the right amount of time and it actually went really well. Christmas was excellent – got lots of neat and useful stuff – and we had a restful break. Actually, I slept the best I ever have on my parents’ guest bed. Most people don’t care for it because it’s very firm but man, I slept SO well.

I didn’t make a big deal out of it being a new year and/or making any kind of resolutions. The year just sort of seamlessly began and life continued as normal. I actually kind of liked that. I get nervous when things area a “big deal” so this really helped.

Let’s go ahead and move onto the Tuesday Chat, as compiling that also makes me nervous.

Reverse Bucket List – List of your life’s accomplishments.


Ok so some of these might be kind of mundane but others are crazy I guess.

  • Jumped off a pretty high cliff into a Canadian lake with a “monster” (aka big sturgeon)
  • Kissed a boy I met in Canada
  • Lived through Hurricane Andrew
  • Won lots of poster/poetry/other school contests and awards
  • Got into a good college, earned a BA and an MA
  • Birthed three wonderful children; really, the gestation was the hard part
  • Gone to Hawaii twice; snorkled, hiked Diamondhead, ziplined over waterfalls
  • Stole a traffic cone; ate donuts straight off the antenna of a car
  • Met Chris Jericho, Goldberg, and Test of the WWE realm
  • Ran three half marathons and multiple other races
  • Got tattooed
  • Rode in a Rolls Royce
  • Went to England and France – via the Chunnel – and didn’t get lost or pickpocketed
  • Continuously kept an online blog for over ten years

Well, not bad! I’m sure there’s plenty more but I can’t think of them now. What’s on your list?

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Normality is not easy to find

  1. I don’t have a bucket list, tried having one but someone poked holes in the bottom of my bucket and everything fell out so not bucket list for me, I do try to wake up each morning and enjoy life, because enjoying life is better then wondering around putting a bucket over peoples head to see what they do, just saying. I also seem to be in a strange mood this morning, I keep saying strange things not sure why I just do.

  2. Oh dear, I left one off my list because I stole a traffic sign once!! oops. It was that “curves ahead” one and for some strange reason (probably alcohol) I thought I just had to have it for my dorm room. LOL
    I guess that’s why life is a bit quieter now. But I do have the tattoo also, but I have not run a marathon yet. We booked one of those mudder ones for this year, so pass along any training tips because I got no clue! 🙂

  3. I like the one about the traffic cone. I linked up with Rory’s, and looking back, although that wasn’t really long ago, so much seems to have happened since. How many on your list could turn into posts?

  4. Lots of great life experiences here, big and small! I have to say that last one is pretty noteworthy. I don’t know a lot of folks who have blogged continuously for ten years, it’s called dedication and a love for word crafting!

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