Random Tuesday – Catching up

I am mired down in beginning of the semester garbage so much that I cannot seem to climb my way out. Today seems a tad bit easier so I shall attempt a post!

Stacy Uncorked
  • We had our first weekend of soccer games and it was cold. Windy and cold. Elliot’s team won but Isaac’s has a long way to go. He almost scored though!
  • Elliot has another honor roll/citizenship award ceremony today and I can’t really go. I told him I’d go to 3/4, so long as he keeps getting these grades. I told him next time, all As!
  • The first week of Spring semester was ROUGH. I had kids straight up yell at me when I was unable to put them into the course they wanted. I had a kid vomit in my office trash can. I stayed late; I skipped lunch. I know I shouldn’t be this dedicated to a job that doesn’t pay me much and means verbal abuse but eh, I somehow put all of myself into my job.
  • I’ve been wasting time scouring Zillow. We aren’t there yet but we’re starting to save money to either straight up move or to do some projects on our house to then eventually move. The sad thing is that I feel like there isn’t anything out there. And our price range isn’t all that low. I guess no one is selling right now, that’s all.
  • I worked out on Sunday and it felt so good. Why then, you ask. have I not done it the past two days? It’s cold! And though my house isn’t cold, I know it’s cold outside and when that alarm goes off, I have zero interest in getting up and out of bed. I have GOT to get back to it though. My entire life feels better when I do.
  • Speaking of feeling better, I decided last night that I wasn’t in the mood to cook. Furthermore, I wanted someone to make me a steak. So we ended up going to Outback. We NEVER eat out at a.) nice places and b.) during the week. Ok, so maybe Outback isn’t “nice” but it’s no Sonny’s. My food was amazing and even though the kids were a little hyper, I was just so thankful for a nice meal. I immediately fell asleep on the couch afterwards but eh, I’ve been busy.


Time for Tuesday Chat!

What are some new things you would like to do this year?  
Could you commit to doing one new thing each month?

I like this prompt! I guess I take new things in stride… or as they come up. I definitely could commit to one new thing a month but I’m honestly not that organized. I also like my life to be a bit more organic and spur of the moment. If something comes up, heck yeah, I’m gonna go for it. I look at doing the Tough Mudder and ziplining last year in that way. That is NOT stuff I’d normally say yes to.

In this new year, I would like to be in more pictures. Silly as that sounds, I am always behind the camera. Some day I will look back and realize I have no physical representation of my former self. I have millions of kid photos but few of me. I was in the car yesterday and that song from Filter came on; the lyrics being:

Could you take my picture
Cause I won’t remember

And I remembered that I want to make this a top priority this year.

I’d also really like to try more meal planning. And not this half-assed attempt I always make. Rolled into that is the concept of telling my kids that this is what we’re eating; I’m not a short order cook. It’s hard, you know, because as it stands, I make a meal that the three of them can eat and then my husband and I forage. This cannot go on!

And the last thing that I (we) want to try this year is home brewing. Ash could really get into the process, I think. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Catching up

  1. Ok, you’ve inspired me now – I have to try this Tough Mudder thing. I have no idea, so I got some research. But I’ve been working out consistently for over a year now and I think I am ready! Other than that, I like your idea to be a bit spontaneous too. This is soooo hard for me! With 3 kids, the house, my volunteer work and a shift worker hubby – my life is very much planned out daily. It’s the only way to keep it organized… and sane. But I got to leave room for a little spontaneity. 🙂

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