Friday Five – making a list, checking it… thrice

Five Thoughts:

  1. I have checked off one of my obligations today – family breakfast at Elliot’s school – and now I am working through grading and office Christmas cards. 10:45 = Christmas pageant then 11:45 = office party. Then? I will pass out. No, just kidding. I’ll grade some more then go home to clean.
  2. I had to run up to the mall last night and though it was 6:30, I got a small latte. And you know, although it is “bad” to drink caffeine that late in the evening, I was happy to stay wake until about 11:30. I typically fall asleep much earlier but I got things done: wrapped a couple gifts, read some,  did dishes. It was… nice to not feel flat out exhausted.
  3.  It’s starting to get cold again – yay! – and I find it amusing because my BIL comes in today and he was so excited it wouldn’t be cold. He lives in Chicago and was happy for warmer weather. It WILL be warmer than Chi-town but not by much!
  4. I can’t believe Christmas is so near. It has been an odd season for me because I haven’t thought much about what I want; people keep asking but I really don’t know. I am excited to see what my husband got me. He knows me pretty well – maybe even better than I know me.
  5. We got a trailer for this new movie – Whisky Tango Foxtrot – and though the content seems fairly boring to me, it has Martin Freeman in it and I am SO there.  We get a Sherlock special AND a new movie. Fans are having a great Christmas, as far as I’m concerned!

Five Photos:


I mean, how can you not??


Nice reimagining


If Aladdin was a tattoo artist


I got two monitors this week!


Because why not end on a cozy Xmas pic?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – making a list, checking it… thrice

  1. I am the same way with Christmas this year! I really just don’t know what I want, but I guess that is a good thing right? The weather across the whole country has been crazy. It has been just as warm in Chicago as it is here in SoCal! My parents just got it town and really don’t have much warmer weather than they already did. This time of year is definitely busy. Hope the reset just calms down and you can just enjoy Christmas.

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