Random Tuesday – Hurtling ever closer

Stacy Uncorked
  • I totally understand what our host is talking about with this Christmas feeling a little “meh”. I also feel that way but it’s not too bad. I think it’s just a part of having young kids and a lot of work, for me. I get caught up in it and sort of forget to take time to get involved in all things holiday.
  • I was at Publix yesterday and this woman jumped in front of me with her cart just as I was approaching the 10 items or less line. Guess what she had? Maybe about 70 items; I kid you not. And she was literally tossing them up there too. I’m honestly surprised things didn’t bust open. THEN, she paid with three different payment types. There were long lines everywhere and man, I wanted to say something so badly. But it isn’t worth it. I just can’t believe people are so damned inconsiderate.
  • I woke up super early today and instead of working out, I made a Kenyan coconut rice dish for Elliot’s country project. It was simple but took a little while. I did it the traditional way, as much as I could. I did use canned coconut milk and not coconut meat. I wasn’t going to get that involved at 6 AM! It’s not MY project, you know?
  • I’m waiting for our newest computer dude to show up with a splitter cable for my monitors. I’ve upgraded to two and I am pretty pumped. It’s going to be so nice being able to see that much. Certain aspects of my job are going to be a whole lot easier!

Ok, time for Tuesday chat!


“Naughty or nice?”

This is vague! I assume you mean, which list am I on? But it could mean, which do I prefer? 😉

OK OK, honestly though I have been pretty nice. I mean, I’m not a bad person. I definitely could have been less angry with my kids and yelled a lot less. Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve their love as much as I get it because I have been mad at them so often. But we can’t dwell, only move forward.

I think being a little naughty is good for you. You have to see bad to understand and appreciate good, right? My only transgressions would come in the form of reading/writing the smuttiest of fanfic. But even then, how bad is that really?

Overall, nice list for me.



3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Hurtling ever closer

  1. I think you are exactly right: we all have good and bad! All work and no play..right? I mean, you should have just enough “bad” to make life interesting; but not be self destructive. I’d like to have a secret grin when I am old an in the rocker on the porch — keep the young ones guessing why I am smiling! LOL

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