MMMM + You’d think it was a full moon…

…the way my kids acted this weekend. Just sort of out of control. Plus injuries. LOL. Actually, it all started fine. Ash and I got some shopping done Friday afternoon but both of us had headaches so we rested a bit before retrieving kids. We left around 7 for Ash’s office party. I was a little irritated because we normally have it at his co-worker’s house in Southwood and it’s a semi-formal affair. I wear a nice top and skirt, etc. Well, when I was told it was at this other guy’s lake house, I imagined a well appointed home and we’d be indoors. Nope. It was outside and no one was dressed up. Except me. And it WAS a very nice home. But we spent it out by a fire pit. I was so chilled to the bone that I couldn’t get warm even once we got home. I wore fuzzy socks to bed and didn’t even wake up sweating.

I did bolt upright at 7:15 and realized no one was up. Ash had requested bacon so I went ahead up to Publix  and then started in on breakfast. We sojourned to a shopping center near us and split up, as to get stuff for each other. I took Elliot and we went into Michael’s. We ran into Isaac’s teacher and while she and I were chatting, I noticed Elliot was crying. He’d hit his head on the corner of a shelf. While I thought it was just a bump, he pulled his hand away to reveal he’d been gashed open and was bleeding everywhere. It was insane. I got him cleaned up but it wouldn’t stop bleeding. We ended up going to Isaac’s teacher’s car for antiseptic but it still looked bad. During lunch, I called Urgent Care and the nurse was really nice. They normally won’t give advice over the phone but she told me how to clean it and determine whether or not he should go in. Turned out ok, thankfully. It wasn’t as deep as I originally thought.

The afternoon comprised of a brief nap, picking up our keg, and dinner. Sunday, Ash had to run 16 miles so the kids and I cleaned and went grocery shopping. But they were just awful all day so I was irritated for the majority of it. It’s rainy today, which sucks. Not very Christmasy. But it is what it is. I am taking a new approach to the next few weeks; one of zen and contemplation. I have a lot to be thankful for and it’s time I tapped into that.




I’m channeling the “home” theme for this week’s Xmas contributions.




6 thoughts on “MMMM + You’d think it was a full moon…

  1. I sure hope he’s okay! My son did the same thing to me when he was little. He gave me one of those phoney cries and then came up to me with his hand over his eye, and I felt bad cuz I yelled at him and told him not to interrupt and finally I said okay let me see and it was Good God Gurdy what a gash!!!! And ran him to the ER 4 stitches. Boys will do it every time. ya know!!! LOL Anyway I hope he’s doing okay… and loved your picks. Haven’t heard Karen Carpenter in a while.
    Great choices & Merry Christmas!

  2. Little Dude whacked his head on the door jamb in his room when he was supposed to be taking a nap while we were finishing up getting ready for the cross country trip from PA to here for his adoption hearing. I heard him on the monitor going “Ow, ow ow!”, and saw him rubbing his head and rolling around on the bed. Being a boy who cries wolf, I didn’t race up there to see what the deal was, and felt really bad when I did go up there a short time later to see that he had smeared dried blood in his hair. It was just a small cut, but head wounds are mega bleeders! He evened things out when he cracked open the back of his head on the monkey bars at school last year. All of his head bonks still haven’t knocked any sense into him, though! >;o)~ Glad your little dude is OK!

    That’s a bummer about the party – not fun being stuck out in the cold!!

    Love your song choices! 🙂

    The Man With The Bag sings Jingle Bell Rock so Run Run Rudolph have Christmas the Whole Year Round It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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