Random Tuesday – The tumultuous month of December

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, Thanksgiving is over and it’s time for December, the month of wonderment, joy, and stressing about gifts and money! I wish I didn’t, honestly. I don’t want to be constantly thinking about how much I spent at the exact same time as worrying if I got people enough things. I know it’s “not about the things” but it is, in some ways. And we have gift exchange and we have to get the kids things and ok, we could just up and boycott material possessions but truthfully, that’s not as logical as it may seem.
  • I would love to have one Christmas where we stick to the want/need/wear/read thing you see on the internet. Just get each child roughly four items. But try as I might, I always end up bringing home more.
  • Ash says I am hard to shop for but I think I am just about the easiest. Beer, Sherlock, socks, blankets, Tupperware. Books or pens work too. So so easy.
  • And of course, I’m giving myself the present of a tattoo. I saw my friend on Saturday and we’re so pumped for it. 🙂
  • As I was drifting off to sleep last night, my brain decided that an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato sounded really good. And this morning I got myself one. It’s the little things, you know?
  •  Along with all the things I have to do that are mundane and essential to my family’s daily life, I also have the following: create living will and contact company to begin saving money for retirement. Ash uses T. Rowe Price but if you have any suggestions, I’d be grateful. I have the money and I sure as heck am not getting any younger!

Ok, Tuesday chat time!

It’s Giving TuesdayWill you participate?

Well, let’s see… I had no idea about this. BUT, I usually do one of those charity things where you pick a kid’s name off a tree and they have little factoids and his ultimate wish. Last year I got a nine year old kid a pair of roller skates.

In the past, I have done those coat drives. I think the community center where the boys do aftercare is having one. I have had an older Old Navy jacket on a hanger in Elliot’s room for two weeks; I had better get it to the place!

I try to give when I can and usually do the canned food drives the post office does. The Turkey Trot race here asks that you bring cans when you run but I don’t see many people doing it. I gave most of mine away to Elliot’s school when he had to do it. So yes, I give when I can and sometimes even when I can’t. ‘Tis the season.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – The tumultuous month of December

  1. I know how you feel… I stress and worry about the money, and also that I haven’t bought enough. It’s a weird conundrum. But I’m also not willing to “do away” with the whole gift giving part, it’s a big piece of the magic… I always say I’m cutting back, but it never actually happens. Thankfully, I’m almost done the shopping, so I should be able to spend the rest of the month paying off the credit card and be debt-free come January… hopefully…

  2. totally having a bagel for breakfast in the morning. 🙂
    And the Angel Tree is such a great organization. That’s one we often stick with too.
    I do stick to the 4 things for my kids, simply because their lists could get sooooo out of control. But we do stockings and that’s where the fun… and some surprises they weren’t expecting might happen. but mostly we stick to the list.. and budget.

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