MMMM + Brief holiday recap

To be honest, that felt like a very long holiday. I think it may have been due to a combination of being with my kids that long and my insufferable mother. I can normally ignore a lot of her little quirks and annoyances but she was in rare form. I won’t go into detail but let’s say she made some rather offensive comments but didn’t feel obligated to apologize.

SO, they got in Wednesday afternoon and I had already decided not to go to work because Tuesday night I was dead. I got home and felt all achy and I had chills and I basically got in bed at 7 and didn’t do anything until the next day. I actually felt better the next day though, thankfully. Ash took the boys to a movie and baby and I went to the store for last minute provisions. We had tacos for dinner and got up the next morning to run the Turkey Trot. Ell finished the 10k in 55 minutes and Isaac did great for his first 5k: 37 minutes. He didn’t even want to walk much, which is a miracle, considering how training went. I was so proud of both of them!23326600855_fcf430acaf_z


The day proceeded the way any Thanksgiving does: turkey in, then wait, then mad rush to get it all done. Everything turned out really well! If my mom hadn’t said those cutting remarks, the meal would have been perfect.

On Friday we did a bit of shopping. I’m sort of glad for those stores that now open early; it means the crazies will have already shopped at Black Friday isn’t as crowded. We really just laid low that day. Saturday, we got up and made a big breakfast and a soup from the leftover turkey. My parents left around noon, I got out Xmas decorations, took a nap, then we went to our friend’s for a big party for the UF/FSU game. Had a blast but felt utterly exhausted when we got home!

However, I got a ton of stuff done yesterday: unclogged my vacuum, mowed the back yard, got the tree all put up, and did laundry. I felt rather productive. But I am glad to be back at work. The norm suits me. Plus, there’s always so much upheaval around the time, I have to cling to the routine. Before I know it, the preschool will be having their Christmas pageant, my brother-in-law will be here, and Christmas will have come and gone. Oh, and soccer practice begins this week. Busy time of year!!



Freebie week but let’s pick a couple Christmas-like songs.

I love James Taylor and this one has a nice little mellow feeling about it.

Now, I discovered this song a few years ago and every season, I forget her name and have to wrack my brain.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Brief holiday recap

  1. I don’t think I every heard that one by James Taylor. Thanks for the introduction. Your second tune is a new introduction for me too. Very entertaining. You have rocked the house my friend. Have a great day!

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