Friday Five – Sick but on the mend

Five Thoughts:

  1. I finally succumbed to the ick that took down Baby and my husband. My head is fuzzy, my body aches, and my chest harbors this awful cough. It’s crappy but I haven’t been sick in quite a while. I also think I might be over the worst of it, which was yesterday.
  2. I managed to pull myself together long enough to take all the kids to Elliot’s end of season football party at a local pizza place. Talk about insanity. Put 12 6-8 year old boys in a room together with soda and pizza and the impending trophies and, well, it’s a miracle I didn’t lose my cool. It was actually kind of nice. I liked his team this year; the parents and coach made it a very nice experience.
  3. I’m super pumped for this weekend. Want to know why? WE HAVE NO SPORTS. I repeat, we are unfettered. We don’t have any obligations. Soccer practice starts at the beginning of December so I am loving this free time. It’s also supposed to be cool: low 60s/high 30s. Excellent neighborhood walking weather.
  4. My husband comes home today; he’s been at a tech conference since Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you, I’m certainly ready. The old adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is definitely true. I think the longer you have been married, time away is important. It makes me really appreciate him.
  5. I admit to y’all that I have already gone full bore on the Christmas music. Spotify just started playing all my lists and well, now I’m just into it. I am still hardcore about celebrating Thanksgiving FIRST, but Xmas music makes me so happy.

Five Photos:


This is true… in my opinion


MOAR coffee


Still feeling the season



2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Sick but on the mend

  1. That’s the one part about our Thanksgiving being long over that I like… I don’t have to hold up the Christmassing until Thanksgiving is over, because it IS over! That said, we have the movement up here now where it’s all “No Christmas until after Remembrance Day! (Nov. 11)” – but I don’t see it as an issue. I can pay my due respects to our veterans and armed forces, even if I do have my Christmas tree up. I’d say it’s the same for your Thanksgiving. No reason why you can’t give thanks with a little Christmas music playing. 😉

    Enjoy your sports-free weekend!!!

  2. Ugh sorry you got sick- never ever fun. Our team soccer parties always seem to be at a pizza place, so I can totally picture it and yes it totally get crazy. We have a break from soccer too and I am loving it! My daughters team will still be practicing but at least we don’t have games every weekend anymore. Thanks for linking up

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