Random Tuesday – Recovery, windows, winter

Stacy Uncorked
  • My body is getting back to normal after the Tough Mudder. I no longer struggle to reach down for something or get out of bed. Yay! The farther away I get from the event, I have a feeling I will be more inclined to do another. Actually, I’m eyeing Spartan races or Warrior Dashes next. For those, if you skip an obstacle, they make you do burpees. Ha ha ha; the sweet torture.
  • Did I tell you how the boys broke a window? Ha ha, yeah; Thursday before we went out of town. AND they broke the cardinal rule of the house: no balls inside, especially footballs. I was making dinner and they’d been going in and out, playing some kind of game, so when it was ready I went outside to find them. I could hear their voices but didn’t see them but that is when I heard the shattering of a pane of glass. Yup: tossing the football in Isaac’s room. We have old-ass windows so they only broke, like, a seven by seven pane but wow were they ever in trouble. I had difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that they were even inside when it was clearly still light out and they had permission to play outside. Baffling!
  • I did end up procuring tickets to see the Sherlock Xmas special in theaters. I am going with my friend, Margaret, and we even got to pick our seats. I am stoked! Bring on my Victorian husbands.tumblr_nh3ch4eGiP1qkpibao1_400
  • It finally got cool(er) here in North FL. Yay. I think it’s about 55 this morning and unfortunately, still gray. It’s been raining for days and I have got to mow my lawn. To my credit, I was gone for much of October and then gone again this past weekend. There are a lot of things in my house that need to be tended to!
  • OK, onto the Tuesday chat!

“Do you volunteer?”

The truthful answer here is: not as much as I would like. Sometimes I want to go to our local shelter and give out food or I’d like to do more for races that support a cause… stuff like that. I don’t volunteer at the kids’ school as often as I should. But I DO volunteer in some ways. In fact, in ways that most introverts would not. I volunteered to do the sign up for drinks/snacks for both boys’ football teams. And I am organizing the trophies and end of season get-together for Elliot’s. I volunteer to help in areas where I feel confident I can lead well. But I do not tend to jump readily into charitable volunteering.

I think the teacher part of me comes forth when I step up and take over like that. I don’t have issues with public speaking (funny for an introvert, right?) I don’t want to share or interact most of the time but I am outgoing in my realm. But maybe that’s why I don’t go seeking volunteer opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Recovery, windows, winter

  1. I am in introvert, too, and I, also, do not have a problem with public speaking. That’s crazy, right? I have given several devotional at women’s events at church, never had a problem with Public Speaking class in school, was even an attorney. My kids are the same way.

  2. I’m a reluctant volunteer. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. I volunteer to help out with church events (even organize some of them), and I have volunteered on committees in our town (Canada Day Committee, etc) – but I usually have to force myself to do it. I don’t know if it’s because I, too, am an introvert at heart – or maybe just lazy? – but like you, when I do get involved, I give it my all.

  3. Oh dear, and here I just said on another post that I want to do one of those Mud races!! But now the idea of pain…… I might chicken out! I don’t normally run, so it’s a bit of training ahead for me.
    That was one of the big things I had to get over before I Volunteered: fear! I had no idea what I could do, how to do anything, or how to interact with people. It was all very new and being a bit of an introvert myself; I had to get over that fear. So glad I did now. But every now and then, I can feel that bit of uncertainty creeping back in – and I just have to tell it to go away.

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