Friday Five – Look! I posted!

Five Thoughts:

  1. I started both a Wednesday post and a Thursday post and didn’t finish either! This is a pretty sure indication that I have been super busy.
  2. It’s cool again here and I wore a short sleeved shirt and flip flops. LOL. Floridians are a funny lot, you know?
  3. The boys have their final football games this weekend. And then we hear about soccer teams before or by the 27th. One sport rolls right into the next; my life is SO busy. And soccer season is COLD and seemingly very long. But we chose a different park this year and here’s hoping at least Isaac gets on a team with kids who want to play and don’t shy away from the ball. Last year was BAD.
  4. My husband said he heard his first Christmas song on the radio the other day. I pay for XM so they haven’t fired up their dedicated stations yet. I am a firm believer in one holiday at a time and we love Thanksgiving. I will say, I was listening to my Spotify playlists and I forgot I had the James Taylor At Christmas one. It’s not “strictly” Christmas so I will give myself a pass.
  5. The Tough Mudder had professional photographers out there and as part of our insanely high entry fee, we get free pics. I went to their site this morning to check and they were indeed up. On my phone, I could see them but figured I’d wait until I got to my office to search for mine. Then I got here and the link for our event just redirects me to the Go Army facebook page! SO ANNOYING! I have no idea why it is working that way.


Five Photos:


My babies are finally together


We were clean, once, before the Mudder


I am SO ready for my next tattoo


Apparently there’s a Sailor Jerry style S-bucks cup. I NEED one.


And here’s a Starfish photographed using confocal microscopy (10x); WOW!

One thought on “Friday Five – Look! I posted!

  1. Hopefully they get the pictures worked out as that would be annoying and especially since it was part of your fee. This last week was so crazy busy for me too and this one won’t be any better. I agree the Christmas stuff comes out into the store too soon, it just doesn’t make it as fun or exciting.

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