Friday Five – October!

Five Thoughts:

  1. Friday is it? Wow. This week was a blur. I had so much grading and yet, didn’t get a whole lot of it done!
  2. Yesterday at football practice, I was thinking how much I had wished I’d brought a beer with me. The weather was nice and it was a calm little rest period for me. Then a couple other parents I usually talk to showed up and it turns out they had beer in their cups! LOL. Next time…
  3. I’ve gone back to my roots when it comes to writing. I’ve been working on some old Batman pieces and it feels really good to be creative again. That said, I am also about to tackle a physical art project in this: Han Solo blaster. We’re going as Star Wars characters for Halloween and Ash needs an authentic Han gun. I purchased the toy already and need to dig through some boxes for an old western gun holster I know we own. I am excited about this one!
  4. Speaking of dressing up, I may have mentioned that I’m probably going to 221bCon this coming April and I *might* dress up. I’m thinking I will go as Irene Adler – The Woman – because I think I can pull it off. I can find a dress and heels, do my hair up. The important things are the phone and the whip – both of which I already own. 😉
  5. Like our host, our school also had a Dad day. He took them and read a couple books in the library. Unfortunately, the photos another woman took turned out blurry. He was pretty mad about that!

Five Photos:

The Woman:bfcc2cfd71ea2f09fa08e2d9bd4a264b

Han and his gun:download (2)

My little John Watson shipped this week!download (1)


I saw this on tumblr, the tag was: Waking up on Octobertumblr_inline_ncr15wZckL1s7l86l first like:

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