MMMM + Zipping through the sky, sports success, and sad songs

The sky is a dreary sort of gray and it’s cool out; Fall has arrived in Tallahassee. I’m fully enjoying my coffee this morning.

How was your weekend? Mine? Oh, good. Friday, Ash and I switched up our normal movie day and did the Tree to Tree Adventure at the museum. We had Mexican first, of course. Some things don’t change. We got there around 2 and they gave us a brief tutorial. I remember much of it from when I took Elliot a few years ago. They have a small kids obstacle course and then a two part 20 foot course. Then, they have one that is upwards of 62 feet at its highest. We did the one that includes the two 20 foot courses and the big one. It was a challenge, I’m not gonna lie. But it was also super fun. I don’t like thrill type things so at first, the ziplining was a bit nerve-wracking but I felt a lot better once we had done a few. I think there might have been 10 or so total. I really enjoyed it and I am glad we did it before we zipline in Hawaii.

Saturday was flag football day and the weather was gray and cool but games did happen. Elliot’s team won this time, thankfully. Ell caught a TD pass in the end zone and he had a pick. I was so proud! We then went over to Isaac’s game and he too had a long TD run. Both boys did great so we went to Sonny’s after. When we got home, I looked at the bday invite Isaac had that I thought said Sunday. Yeah, it was Saturday. So off we went to Target. Thankfully, Ash volunteered to take him and Elliot tagged along so I got to stay home and make dinner in relative peace; Baby was not in the best of moods. Everything worked well that evening: the party didn’t have any real food (at a 5-7 time slot!!) so they all got home and ate spaghetti and we watched Problem Child 2.

Sunday, I planned to run but I hurt my quad doing something on the tree to tree so I did my grocery errands instead. I dragged my two youngest with me, then took the cold stuff home, then went right back out to St. Marks to get Elliot. He only had to run 7.5 but Ash was running 10. It was fun to retrieve him because most runners/bikers train there and so many of them gave him encouraging words. You don’t see a lot of younger kids running distances like that. The best part is that he wants to do it; we aren’t making him, like so many people seem to believe. He likes it.


This week’s theme is songs that are “either about kids growing up or songs from Musicals, which ever you prefer”! 

The first one that came to mind is this Kenny Chesney classic:



Tears for days on that one!

Here’s another country song that discusses kids growing up, moving on:


Yup, both of these make me cry but what can I say? I’m a mom!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Zipping through the sky, sports success, and sad songs

  1. Two very nice selections. Interesting how, in the first one, the guy’s perspective changes, from where the unexpected baby ends his life, to where watching her leave does.

  2. Sounds like a busy but productive weekend! I’d love to do the tree thingy – I’ve always wanted to experience some sort of zip line! 🙂

    Love your choices – I almost chose both of these, too (well, I did choose one…heh!) Two great minds and all that! And yes, always get teared up when listening to them. 🙂

  3. You are so busy on the weekends! But it’s great when your child loves something, that way you don’t even have to ask them if they know when to be there 🙂

    What a great song by Trace!

    Thanks for sharing your music with us.

    Have a great week!

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