Friday Five – This, that, and the other – a summary

Five Thoughts:

  1. I’m not really a superstitious person but some days I base how the day might go on whether or not I got my trash in the can. I throw it from my desk. Well, nothing has gone in yet, and that followed on the heels of Dunkin’ making my coffee wrong and five orders of food before mine. Trying very hard to keep my chin up though.
  2. On Wednesday, I drove the younger kids to the park where they also attend after care and met up with Ash and Ell who were 2 miles into their run. There, we did these insane zigzag monkey bars in preparation for the Tough Mudder. I was amazed I could actually do them but I did and today, I am feeling it. The muscles in my chest and my abs are just terrible. I have got to do that more often!
  3. As I blogged yesterday, I was stressed about possibly no one coming to Elliot’s party. Well,  we now have seven confirmed guests and to me, this is great. The skate party rules only allow ten anyway and our original idea was to just let him invite four friends and take him on a Saturday anyway. So all’s well that ends well, I suppose.
  4. So my “not my day” day continues: tried to use the 2nd floor bathroom and there’s no toilet paper. I walk downstairs – in between classes so amongst many students – and there’s line for that one. Finally got to the third floor and found a usable space. UGH.
  5. I was reading my class evals from Summer and there was one student whose additional comment/suggestion was “Rainbows”. Uh, ok.

Five Photos:


I always thought BC was a little alien-like but man, put him by a car and I see him in a new light.


NEED a new tattoo


America needs to get with it


We have a book called The Ghost’s Dinner and this reminds me of it


This pic is so cozy!

One thought on “Friday Five – This, that, and the other – a summary

  1. Sounds like the rainbows student was just trying to hurry and get the form done and wrote whatever in. Hope the rest of your weekend was better, some days are just crappy. Glad there are confirmed guests for the party and so good they did actually RSVP, so many never seem to. Thanks for always linking up!

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