Leaving it to fate

I think one of the keys to being a parent – and maybe even a good one – is that you have to harden your heart sometimes. Your kids are going to be emotional and they have to learn lessons and you have to let them. I’m not one to fall for their over-emotional drama when it comes to small things. I do try to be an active listener if they’re really going through a tough time but if you’ve spent any time with kids, you know that they don’t hesitate to manipulate the crap out of people. It’s built into their tiny systems: the ways in which to get what they want out of others. It could be a survival mechanism, I don’t know. But let it be known that I have gotten very good at not falling prey to their whims.

That said, I actually felt very sad last night. I had a heavy heart as I realized that only one of the ten kids invited to Elliot’s belated birthday party this Saturday has RSVP’d… to say he can’t come. Then I went down that wormhole: what if no one else comes? What if they’re all planning to but not RSPVPing because why say yes if they are coming? Then I got scared that we’d be the only ones in that party room with two extra large pizzas and two pitchers of soda we don’t drink and OMG, my poor son. He wanted his party at the skating rink because he’s discovered his love of roller skating. And even though he’ll get that, I would be so so bad if no one else came. I’ve cobbled together some ideas about it. I think Lucas will be there; my boss’s grandson. We always go to his parties and I believe she told me her daughter would drop him off. Matthew should be coming; he’s one of Elliot’s best friends, we’re friends with the parents, and they live right around the corner. Then Carrie said Beau and Lanie might be able to go. They were originally but then Beau broke his arm. However, he has a hard cast and the doc gave him a green light. God, let’s hope so!

I know sometimes you have to let things go and hope for the best. Who knows? It could turn out great. I’m not one to do things last minute but in this case, I think I have to let things fall as they may and try not to stress out.

Things might just work out for the best.

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