Friday Five – Soup, Halloween decor, Candy Crush

Five Thoughts:

  1. Should I or should I not do Swapoween this year? I WANT to but do I have time? It’s never as awesome as I think it will be. Like, I pick cool stuff and try to convey the kinds of things I like but it’s always just so-so and I end up being rushed… I don’t know!
  2. I reached this level in Candy Crush that they tout as a “hard level’. As if the last two hundred or so haven’t been difficult! The hard part is you need about 20 more moves to actually complete it. I’ll be stuck here a long time.
  3. It is apparently National Cheeseburger Day. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you may know how much I relish in a good burger. Well, we’re probably having Mexican today but we did go to Red Robin last week. It was great but man, I was not feeling good later. I kept burping it and just felt generally blah. This is sad to me; I can’t NOT eat a burger (every now and then)!
  4. This cold weather has made me want to make soups and stews. OK, so it’s not COLD; it’s cooler. But still. I made chili on Tuesday and it was SO good. I have a recipe (and I’ll post the pic below) of an Autumn chowder and I am totally going to make it.
  5. Usually by this time I have put my Halloween/Fall decor up in the house and the yard. I am kind of sad that I simply haven’t felt like it. Maybe this weekend I shall drag it out and see what I can do.

Five Photos:





This image appeals to me


Your moment of zen

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Soup, Halloween decor, Candy Crush

  1. I wanna join Swapoween too, but mostly because I finally have money to spend on a swap. I stopped doing swaps earlier this year to save money, but now I got a better job and I have money. I like doing swaps, more so for the picking out for people. I don’t need more stuff, but I love trying to find the perfect thing for someone else.

  2. It was 101 here today, so ready for cooler weather. It is definitely not helping me get into the fall spirit. I have done some swaps in the past and they were fun, but yeah too often just get stuck with someone that doesn’t try as hard. I stopped playing Candy Crush long ago for that very reason, too many levels that you get stuck for forever.

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