MMMM + Finding my zen

Well, it’s officially fall now. Do I feel any difference? No, not really. I did put out some of my fall decor this weekend, though none of the yard Halloween stuff, even though Isaac begged me to. It’s just a wee bit too early for that, methinks.

Anywho, not a bad weekend. Ash and I had Mexican and beer (yay) and then saw the 2nd Maze Runner, which was a bust, in my opinion. Oh well. On our next date day, we’re doing the local museum/zoo’s tree to tree zipline obstacle course. So that is way more fun than seeing a bad movie. Our theater recently got new fancy reclining chairs. And they were comfy but if you bail for the bathroom without putting the footrest down, when you come back, you blast your shin and it hurts all weekend. Just FYI.

Saturday was for football practices and naps (nope, that’s a lie; I couldn’t sleep so I went to the store instead.) I did hill repeats (oh so fun!) and then we watched Spaceballs because it finally came on Blu-ray. I haven’t laughed – genuinely laughed – in a long time, I realized. Until we watched that movie again. I watched it a ton as a kid; it’s good to see some things pass the test of time. Still funny! The dancing alien especially.The-Alien-Dance_010115


Yesterday I tried to be a little less uptight; I realized Saturday I was exasperated by every little thing. Just driving across town to the store, I wanted to hurt people. So many bad drivers! Then the kids were at each others’ throats and I just couldn’t take it. But yesterday I was better. I had too much to do to waste time agonizing about piddly crap.

So this morning, I didn’t once yell at the boys, even when they were starting trouble at the breakfast table. However, they were both good about getting up and ready for school. So yeah, a nice morning.

On my way into work, the XM Lithium channel was playing an interview with one of my favorite front men, Chris Cornell. So for today’s freebie, we’ll begin with one my favorite Soundgarden songs. Then, speaking of great front men, let’s do some Van Halen!





6 thoughts on “MMMM + Finding my zen

  1. Now I have not heard this oldie, but goodie anywhere. Guess ya had to be there at the time. bwahahahahaha Truly different. Van Halen I mean…. DANG! He’s out there on Jupiter some where for sure! Oh my, I have heard this song before… I guess I just didn’t know the rest of the song except for the chorus. hahahahaha

  2. I like your PSA on the reclining chairs at the theater – we’ve got a couple of those out here, and the hubby is much more amenable to going to the movies if there are recliners (his biggest beef is the lack of leg room in a traditional theater, making him way more restless during the movie than a kid!) 🙂

    LOVE your song choices! Thanks for the dance! 🙂

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