MMMM + Dad’s Day Weekend

I don’t know why but I feel like our weekend blew by in a total blur. The kids had make-up swim lessons on Friday and I want to say one of them didn’t happen and the other did and it was a crazy rushed evening as always.

On Saturday, I mowed and we swam in the pool and had lunch out. I can’t really remember what else. We just hung out. We watched a movie called Ninja, which is an exceedingly unimaginative title for a ninja movie. I also caught an episode of Lakefront Living or something or other on HGTV and the people were buying a house here – in little old Tallahassee! It was so weird to see people in places ten minutes from my house. Those of you in big cities probably think I’m crazy but I thought it was neat.

Elliot and I had gone out Saturday to get a few father’s day gifts (jars to keep trip mementos, salsa, etc.) so on Sunday, I just needed a bag and a card from me (Ell had already picked one) before giving Ash his father’s day gift. His true gift was being allowed to sit around all day; lol. But no, we went to Walmart and found a decent tool box in which to keep his new soldering iron, etc… Then Bass Pro was doing this fishing thing for kids so the boys each caught one; that was pretty fun! We had tacos and naps and swam some more. I feel like it was a relaxing weekend all in all, though really freaking hot. Today’s high is 97!


Since heat is the topic of my last paragraph and the theme this week is about water, let’s find some summer cool-off tunes.



You know me,:Buffett all the time!

How about some good ol’ Doobie Brother?

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Dad’s Day Weekend

  1. We had a slower weekend too. I get excited when HGTV is doing something in Tampa or Orlando. I don’t think they have ever been to Lakeland, but I would sure be excited if they were! My Joe keeps saying we should hang out at Lowe’s waiting for them to be there for a kitchen or bathroom fix. Ha!

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