Friday Five – Books, Beer, and More!

Five Thoughts:

  • Geez, it’s Summer break and I feel like we’re busier than ever. I struggle to keep up “normal” activities with the kids like, you know, reading. Elliot is supposed to read 10 books this summer and we’re, so far, behind by 18 days. He loves reading but since he’s been in camp all day and with swimming in the evening, we haven’t touched a book. Ugh.
  • One of my good friends is leaving town soon because he got a job in DC. I really enjoyed talking to him and I realize he has to move on but still, it’s sad. There aren’t a lot of people in this world who I see eye to eye with and I hate when we part.
  • I don’t go into too many hot button topics here but I have to say, I’m just not sure what’s going in America anymore. How can there be so much blind hatred? I remember being a teenager and feeling so mad but I wouldn’t ever hurt anyone over it. I had the ability to filter that and realize there had to be a channel for that emotion. I wish more people could see that.
  • I was complaining the other day about wasting away my evening hours. Well last night, I just… stayed busy. It helped that Ash and Ell didn’t get back from swim lessons until 7:30 so I was cooking and then there was that and bath time and reading. Oh yeah, I actually did get Elliot to read. (#1 was written yesterday!) When my interest in puttering about the house started to wane, I worked out. Yay!
  • While I did the elliptical, I watched The Middle for the first time. My friend had been telling me about it and I see what she means now. It’s pretty funny and relatable, though it’s pretty much a poor man’s Malcolm in the Middle.  Have you watched it before?

Five Photos



Here’s a beer I had the other night; 9% alcohol!


Palm trees in my parking lot


I can only dream of taking photos this amazing


One of my EPCOT photos


Whenever I doodle, I draw trees. I’d like one.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Books, Beer, and More!

  1. I haven’t watched “The Middle” and actually haven’t even heard of it. Hmmmm…

    Enjoyed your photos! Will have to remember that beer when our son comes down again (I haven’t found one yet that I can like).

  2. It is hard when friends move away. I haven’t watched the Middle, currently watching Parenthood on Netflix, we started the final season last night, so will be looking for something new to watch.

    This country really is losing it, it is awful

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