Wednesday Hodgepodge – Some good Qs this time

1. Did you do anything ‘memorable’ this past weekend?

I suppose you could say that when we went to Wild Adventures with our middle kid, that was pretty memorable. mostly because it was just him and us. That doesn’t happen too often these days!
2. Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying-

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Your thoughts? Do you somehow acknowledge and appreciate the freedoms you enjoy? Did your upbringing contribute to that sense of appreciation? If you’re a parent, are there specific things you do to pass on this sense of responsibility and appreciation to your own children in regard to the freedoms they enjoy?

I think I do try to instill in my children that there are others who do not enjoy the freedoms we do so that we need to be thankful. We both try to show them that we work hard for the cushy lifestyle they enjoy. My husband is probably a little more hardcore about making sure we keep fighting for their freedoms but I definitely think my upbringing and his instilled that in us. Our parents lived in the 50s and 60s and their parents had that idea of “you WILL have more than we did”, hence, my parents made sure I had better also. So yes, Reagan was spot on.

3. Loudest noise you’ve ever heard?

Pretty sure it was when Ash and I went to a Lagwagon/Vandals concert in Tampa. The venue was kind of like a huge warehouse and down in front, near the speakers, your hearing was gone. Just gone. I didn’t hear right for three days.

4. What was the last thing you ate that might be considered ‘junk food’? Did you enjoy it?

I brought my lunch yesterday but the sandwich called for chips so I went to the hot dog stand on campus and got a little bag of Cheetos and man, those are so good… and so bad for you.

5. When was the last time you were somewhere the crowd felt ‘packed in like sardines’?

I guess EPCOT is the answer here. Even though it was not as crowded as I have seen it in the past, it was the Flower and Garden festival and some places were very crowded. 

6. Are you organized when it comes to packing for a trip? Do you make a list weeks in advance or toss items in last minute? Are you a carry-on only sort of packer or do you need an entire suitcase for your shoes?

Yes! I once drew a diagram of my car and where everything would be packed. It depends on how we are traveling as to how I pack. If it’s a quick trip, I definitely try to be as minimalist as possible. If we’re driving and have room, I bring a little extra.

7. What was the last sporting event you attended in person? Did your team win? Did you care?

Do kids’ sports count? If not, then last November we took the boys to an FSU game. And of course they won; they had an undefeated season… until they got to playoffs. I do care, a little. I mean, my family have been Noles for a very long time.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

I went against one of my cardinal rules this morning: I commented on a controversial FB post. Some days, I just want to argue and tell people they’re being ridiculous and unreasonable. But then I make enemies. I really need to learn to have more self control. 

That said, I’m moving on. I have much to do and less time to do it in!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Some good Qs this time

  1. I know Cheetos are bad for you, but they sure are good! It’s best I not even get started on them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my Hodgepodge today! I enjoyed reading your answers, some of which were very similar to mine. Great minds! Wishing you a good rest of the week!

  3. Thank you for stopping over. You are a no-reply so I could not comment back to you.
    I love parks, sound like a fun time. You mentioned Tampa, where do you live. I am in California but I have family in Florida. We all grew up in Illinois. Sometimes we just need to have a little bit of junk food. Way to go on commenting on that Facebook page! Have a perfect day.

  4. Doing the rounds from the Hodgepodge. You sound a very organised packer. I like to be but my hubby could do with some lessons.

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