Friday Five – Glad this week is mostly over

Five Thoughts:

  1. It’s dark and foggy this morning and all I really want to do is go to the beach! There’s a closer place than where we usually go called Mashes Sands and the reason why people love it is because the water is only ankle deep for about a mile out. I think the kids would really love it.
  2. Last night, while the kids and Ash watched Turner and Hooch (which I’ve seen a ton) I watched Jeopardy AND Bones. Win for mom!
  3. Ever since I got back to the land of the living – AKA took allergy meds that work – I have been very motivated and productive. It’s pretty exciting; some days at work it is torture to accomplish stuff and other days, I breeze through it. Those days are the best.
  4. We have a baseball game tonight for Ell and at some point, I have to go to the store and make spaghetti and get a room ready for Uncle Elliot. It’s pretty insane how busy and jam-packed this weekend is going to be.
  5. I have been really good about food this week and when I got on the scale this morning, I am down three whole pounds! That is super exciting. I haven’t run since the 28th of March so I guess it’s good to see those results. I’ll be back to running this next week though; think the knee is back to normal.

Five Photos:

Mashes Sands:131017-3668-MashesSands-E-email


Happy Yoda:180ff93db909d41c58bf535779d55f7b


I MUST get this shirt!809456a16ce7f15624599ef7c7a43df8

Spring in my front yard:




Sharing this because Elliot had to come up with a folktale idea for school today and it’s foggy out so we devised a story about a town that was always foggy so a brave little boy climbed to the top of a peak, above the fog, to beg the god/spirit to lift it so the villagers could grow food and, well, see each other.ebc7f8dfbb4a057ecded0ce2eed7c8c9

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Glad this week is mostly over

  1. That sounds like such a great beach, would be so fun for little kids. Yeah for meds that help and productive days! I have been much more productive the last few days myself, it feels good. Thanks so much for linking up

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