Random Tuesday – Cars, shanks, medals and rebellion

Stacy Uncorked
  • I just dropped my car off to have the fan and tire taken care of. Another chunk of money out of my ass but eh, you know how this stuff goes, right? At least I will have a car with no issues again.
  • Elliot had his first baseball game last night. The teams tied but he had a run so I was pretty proud. I think his team was a little nervous and had to ease into things but overall, pretty proud of them. Go Marlins!
  • Did you happen to catch the Justin Beiber roast on Comedy Central? I thought it was pretty damn funny but funniest of all was Martha Stewart. She slaughtered him and she made it hilarious. I found it highly amusing that she recalled her time in prison as well with some shank jokes. Oh Martha, Homemaker Especial and raunchy comedian. I heart her.tumblr_nm26ntwBBB1qz8x31o1_500
  • When Elliot and I finished our 5k on Saturday and were checking out the vendors, food, etc, we stopped by the medal table because we heard everyone would receive a medal. The volunteer told us they had run out of 5k medals. I was a little shocked that that many people could have finished before us; we were at about a 10 minute mile pace and most of the people who sign up for those, well, they are slightly slower. That’s just truth. So the old lady volunteer said they were giving kids old medals from the year before. This really pissed me off because it basically said that the kids don’t matter. I think Elliot beating me is a huge deal. I think any little kid who goes out there and busts his ass deserves a medal. So when she wasn’t looking, I snagged a 10k one!
  • Later, on the FB page for our track club, another mom complained about something similar and I said I found it odd that they’d run out. The conversation got way crazy because some people got mad at the organizers – who actually didn’t even order 5k medals, as it turns out – and some were offering to donate their medals. But some were really mad that others would complain. My guess is that they didn’t have kids. I didn’t partake in that fight once I saw that the medals simply never existed. But I am glad I got one for him.
  • I think my above story is a good segue into the Tuesday Coffee Chat prompt!

Are you a Rebel, or a by-the-book kinda person? 

Ok ok, I know a lot of people want to say they are rebels but to be completely honest, I am in a lot of ways. But in a lot of ways, I am VERY by the book. I believe some things have to be a certain way. You should act a certain way towards people and in traffic and at work. But I rebel in other ways. On Fridays, I wear fun shirts to work. Even if it’s not really “acceptable” I wear AC/DC, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc. Because that’s fun.

I tend to break rules if I think I can get away with it and no one will get hurt. I don’t want to fall into the boring lame mom category ever so I guess you could say I rebel by bucking tradition.IMG_20140411_164322

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Cars, shanks, medals and rebellion

  1. Not so much a rebel here. Much more a rule follower. I want to be a rebel, but just can’t bring myself to.

  2. Oh I like your Friday tshirt tradition! that definitely sounds like fun, and I have my Captain America shirt all ready! 🙂
    And I think you’re right: it’s fun to break out of the same old same old mold and do something different, and a little bit on edge. just as long as no harm or foul done.

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