On and on it goes

Man, what a morning. It was the kind of morning where you’re already late and you can’t find stuff and when you get in the car with all the kids, you find that you left the radio on XM’s Lithium – which is uncensored – and Nine Inch Nails blares on with “I want to f*** you like an animal”. And as you quickly change it, your seven year old has a melt-down reminiscent of when fights used to start in school. One kid lays an insult and kids are all going “Oooooh!” He reacted just like that when he heard it. I had to nip that one right in the bud and then try to move on with my day. I took them all to their various places, then got Ash from way past my work to take him to his work (his car is being worked on) and then I myself went to get my car worked on.

I shouldn’t complain; it’s going to cost me a whole lot less than Honda. But still. Ugh. I got back to work and realized that – again – my key card for the parking lot was gone. I swear my children must be throwing them away when I tell them I’ll pay them a dollar to clean out my car. Well, as an experiment, I used a Starbucks gift card and – lo and behold – any old card will open the gate. Mwuhahaha. I literally laughed hysterically as I realized this and drove around for a spot. Had anyone been walking, they’d have heard me and thought me mad.

So here I am, buried under work I have no interest in doing, and trying to feel normal. You know those days? If your routine is broken up, everything just feels weird.

BUT, we had a pretty good weekend. We finally got a new washing machine, though it’s not going to be delivered until Friday. We didn’t do anything else special ON my birthday. In fact, I made different food for each person in my house because I’m a good mom. And I ate oatmeal for dinner!

Saturday morning started early, with Ash dropping Ell and I off near the race start line around 7:30. It was a great morning for a run: 43 and sunny. Elliot did very well but I jacked up my knee on an uphill and it was a tough run back down said hill. But when it was over, I felt pretty good in general. In fact, I worked my ass off all weekend: we mowed and weeded and cleaned. It was nice.

That night, we met six of our friends at hurricane for my birthday and had a great time! Sabrina had to leave early but Greg came back and the rest of us closed that place down. Though I had intended to go to the new “barcade” in midtown, we had fun at the restaurant anyway.

So today, I am worried about money and the summer but this always seems to work out, even when it’s at the seemingly worst of times. I am hoping to just be ok, as always. I don’t know. Sometimes life is just such a crazy up and down roller coaster. I wouldn’t change anything about it, but sometimes I’d like it to stop spinning so much.

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