Friday Five – Come on, April

Five Thoughts:

  1. I try very hard not to think that the world is against me but man, it’s been one of those weeks. Woke up this morning and Elliot wasn’t feeling well and said he was going to throw up. Something seemed fishy and you know what? Report cards go home today. Surprise surprise. He got so worked up he threw up – though it may just be a coincidence. He’s staying home but the principal is what bothers me.
  2. But I did get my free birthday drink from Starbucks so that is pretty awesome!
  3. Yesterday, I left work a bit early to get Elliot registered for camp and then I also picked up our race packets for tomorrow. I was feeling so good about everything! Then I got home and our already broken washer (it still washes clothes, but the water doesn’t drain so it just leaks out.) left an even larger puddle so even though we thought we might could put it off a few months, it looks like we’ll need to make that purchase a little sooner.
  4. I’m not sure why March is playing with my heart in such cruel ways but as per yesterday’s post, I guess I need to get over it; accept it or whatever.
  5. It’s supposed to be cool and sunny tomorrow when we run out 5k so that’s a bonus! I’m looking forward to having it done, and I am always nervous about driving to events, parking, making sure Baby is ok with food and all. Someone tell me to relax; it’s going to be ok!

Five Photos:

I don’t think I even posted any of my Epcot trip pics. Here’s a good one:16846160695_75c0bf277e_z

I made Elliot read this to me out loud, because he loves to tell me how mean I am:a74c37003d6614dedaf7655f86a6efd2

I need to take heed:b2ee75a688e7b0c2604480fa47470375

It’s a trap! (literally)18ea8c358624da2c16dade78cbe2251c

And now, not a photo but a song, because I like the message, kind of.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Come on, April

  1. Awe sorry he got all worked up about his report card. And yes moms do know when it is something more don’t we? Happy Birthday and hope your 5K goes great!

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