Run and hide

Uh oh; I’m starting to get that “I need to run away and hide” feeling. I’m overwhelmed and worried about money and now, my car is having issues. And they aren’t cheap to fix. Why is it that this always happens when you can least afford it – both in time and money? Le sigh. It’s always right around this time of the year that I begin to stress about all this…stuff.  And I can’t be the only mom who feels this way. Or maybe everyone else has some kind of secret to suppressing their angst about, well, everything.

I know there are things I cannot remember; I’m going to drop the ball and be left muttering “Oh shit…” when I realize it’s something I can’t fix. No matter how hard I try to get organized this week, my brain is just not with it. And I am struggling.

I take solace in coffee in the morning and beer in the evening. I’m exercising and sleeping better due to eating better but still – sometimes you cannot help but get the feels about issues in your life. It might be time to make two lists: one for the things I have to get done and another of the things that will bring me joy and that I am thankful for.

I should be thankful that we can take a trip later this year; that we can afford to fix my car; to eat, to eat out; that our children are healthy; that I have car issues and not body issues. That I have a job and nice things and a roof over my head. We should all take a moment to just be present and thankful.8dcbd0a02c3de6fdb66d7ff6a47598ec


I am restless and irritated and I need to go register Elliot for camp and it’s raining and I didn’t take a lunch break so I just want out of here.

And tomorrow is my birthday so… yeah. Bring it on.

One thought on “Run and hide

  1. I always feel at times like this that satan is saying, “Ha! Let’s see what you’re made of.” If I can remind myself of that, then I can get back in his face pretty strongly and call on God to help me shut him down. As soon as I realize it’s a trap to either make me sin or steal my joy, I can overcome it. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

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