Random Tuesday – Superbowl awesomeness, beds, vaccines, and more!

Stacy Uncorked
Time to do that random thang
  • Man, what a Superbowl!  I said this yesterday: I don’t normally favor a side but I did want the Pats to win this time. But really, all I ever want is a good game. If the SB is a blow-out, I feel cheated. The commercials were pretty good too, though that Allstate ad about the kid dying is like, really? What a buzzkill.
  • I thought Katy Perry’s halftime show was awesome, to be honest. It was entertaining and silly and the sharks rocked! I don’t understand why people are hating on it so much. I think the halftime show is normally a steaming pile; this was ten times better.
  • It just occurred to me this morning that since we got our new bed, I have had only one night where I woke up in the middle of said night. I sleep from the time I get into bed until the alarm goes off. That’s not to say I’m not still tired; but at least I am staying asleep. Win!
  • My mom called last night and the deal is sealed: she and my dad will move to Pensacola so she can start teaching at a private school in August. This is kind of huge because she’s been out of teaching for about a year and my dad has not been able to find work for much longer. (No one wants to hire guys over 60!) This is an even bigger deal because my sister has lived close to my parents, well, forever. If you don’t count when she lived here for a year and Brooklyn for eight months. I kind of wonder if it’s the kick in the pants she needs to make herself totally independent.  This move is good for us because: a.) one hour closer than before, b.) A straighter drive and no tolls, and c.) the beach! I am pumped about it.
  • I’m feeling super out of shape and though I keep meaning to make a point to work out, I just don’t. I got on the elliptical last Thursday but it feels like forever ago. Maybe audio-books are the thing that will get me out the door. I feel like that might be the solution.
  • Did you all hear about that new laundromat in Portland named Spin? It’s not just a place to wash your clothes but a bar and cafe AND they have pinball machines. Howcome no one has thought of this before? Not that I do my laundry anywhere other than home but in large cities, this totally makes sense. I am all about the multitasking.
  • Does anyone take probiotics? If so, please tell me what brand you use and if you like it. I’m buying the basic Sundown ones but think I may need more. More active cultures!
  • Did you guys hear about the kid in Texas who got suspended for bringing a ring to class and, as he was pretending it was the One Ring (as in, Lord of the…), he told a kid it could make him disappear? I mean, since when do we live in a world where words are so powerful? The admins claim they won’t tolerate threats of any kind and I guess this also means of the imaginary, magical kind. What bullshit. It’s stuff like this that makes me stabby. Don’t we want kids to use their imagination??
  • Speaking of things that make me stabby – and this goes along with the Tuesday chat theme: anti-vaxxers … Let me tell you how selfish and ridiculous those folks are. Yes, I know there is gray space, for people whose kids are ill and cannot receive vaccines, but if your kid is healthy enough to receive one then it is your worldly responsibility to get them that vaccine. How dare you put an entire population at risk because you’re “scared” or you “didn’t do your research” or “you abstain for religious reasons.” I interpret that as “I use religion to keep from using logic.” If we have a full-scale measles outbreak, I am gunning for you. Be forewarned.
  • That said, I am putting down my pen, so to speak, and moving on. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!



4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Superbowl awesomeness, beds, vaccines, and more!

  1. That was a good game, wasn’t it? Both teams should be lauded for their excellent play. Well, except the coach making that horrid call at the end when it really counted. No brain, no headache!

    I thought Katy Perry’s halftime show was fun, too!

    Yay for your mom and dad being an hour closer – and double yay for beach mode. My BFF used to be stationed in Pensacola so I visited her there once – loved it!

    That laundromat is so cool!!! Wish they had those when I was using a laundromat. More so wish I’d have thought of it! LOL!

    I take a probiotic/acidophilus combo that seems to work pretty well – just a generic brand, though. I should get a name brand and see if there’s a difference.

    That poor kid – it’s not like he had a toy gun, it’s just a ring! smh

    Super Bowl Disappointment, a Haunted Mansion and some Hilarity – Random Tuesday Thoughts Coffee Chat

  2. Yeah some schools over react to stuff, and here you have prove your child is vaccinated before they can get into day care or pre-school if the child isn’t vaccinated the parent has to fill in heaps of forms and may be excluded. I don’t understand why a parent wouldn’t vaccinate, I have heard some parents say the diseases are not that bad and to just let the child get the disease……………what the hell…………..is wrong with them

  3. I was cheering for the Patriots, since we live more in the East of Ontario… but really, I agree: I just want to see a good game. And I really liked Katy’s performance too because I didn’t have to shield my young daughters eyes at any point. I guess “clean cut” is too boring in this world. My daughters really loved it and sang along with Roar and Firework – two of their favourite songs. (I did have to mute Kissed A Girl because, well – they are only 5 and 7.)
    Yeah – I don’t get the thing about not vaccinating. Wasn’t that report that it was linked to Autism proved to be totally false? so why? Putting all the rest of us at risk. Keep your kid home from school than please.
    I’ve been pretty good about keeping up my workouts. I am extremely motivated this time… mostly because I am pretty sure if one more person had touched my belly and asked how far along I am: I would have stabbed them right there. So… it’s pretty much for everyone else’s safety. 🙂

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