Fleeting ideas

A brief run-down of things I’ve thought about this week.

(Because you care)

When I drive home from work, I sometimes really blast my music. I know it seems sort of silly and immature but I love to roll my windows down and crank that baby up to 18, 19. I roll my windows down and let it go: the day, the frustrations, whiny students, tiny annoyances. All right out those windows. I sometimes feel so open and free that I imagine my car’s doors open entirely, rocketing down the road, soothing everyone with my choice of aural stress reliever.


Not everyone’s is the same, I realize. When I get in and Ozzy’s Boneyard (on XM) is playing one of THE best AC/DC songs, I feel like you all need to hear it.


After observing one of the TA’s classes the other day, I realized that I do regret not getting my act together and teaching a class on Hair Metal and Gender. I watched this guy teach about racial identities and Japanese anime and the way he spoke so eloquently and knowledgeably about these topics made me sad that in the basic courses I teach, that isn’t an opportunity. Sure, I tell them about squeezing details out of boring sentences and analyzing themselves to get a higher meaning into an essay. But I would love to actually talk about things I know about. Not that I did a whole lot of research in the gender studies area but I would brush up if it meant I could slap down the cover of Poison’s first album and ask them if they thought those “women’ were pretty.Poison-Look-What-The-Cat-Dragged-In-2006-Frontal

Think of all the conversations! The 80s as a decade when this was becoming acceptable, the 90s as the death of the rock god, the 2000s as… hell, I don’t even know. But that class would be a hell of a lot of fun.


Dakota is the child who does that thing where she cries so hard she passes out. She’s my first to do this and it could be one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Both boys have passed out exactly once in their lives: Elliot was running in socks and fell in the kitchen. He cried, then stopped, then immediately went limp in Ash’s arms. (Funny that Ash doesn’t remember this instance.) Isaac passed out when he was knocked under water at the bottom of a huge water slide. He cried when the kid collided into him and as he took a breath, he went under and swallowed water. Obviously all my children are just fine but Dakota’s thing is different.

If she’s in a particularly clingy mood and I walk away from her, she might cry so hard she passes out then. The worst part is that she falls over and I may have left the room. After such an incident yesterday, I realize that we cannot just let her cry in that manner. If we sense she might cry harder than usual, she’s going to need to be supervised. The passing out will continue if it’s going to but at least we can stop her from falling over and hurting herself further. Just when you think you have the hang of parenting, something else happens!

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