Random Tuesday – Baby snot, on-going sports, need to get away

Stacy Uncorked
  • Is it… almost February? Already? I guess good riddance, January. I mean, my grandma died, people I know are having some issues, and I am beat down by all the stuff we have to do. Maybe February is going to be a whole lot better.
  • I just realized I have baby snot on the front of this sweater. Just a testament to the fact that I have small kids, it’s winter, and our mornings are harried.
  • We made a fire in the pit last night and made s’mores. It was nice; not too cold but a little windy. When the kids got tired of it, we sent them inside to take a bath and just Ash and I sat there. I love firelight and we  could see a lot of stars.
  • Tonight is soccer and truthfully, I am over this sport. Just a few more games though. The boys are enjoying it so I’ll stick it out but I am kind of ready to move on to baseball.
  • Elliot will be going to a major league game during his Spring break, actually. He’s excited and even more so, my dad is excited to take him.
  • UGH in twenty minutes, I have four student conferences, possibly six. There are two people who have not shown for their times on other days so I am guessing they think they are today. If not, well then…
  • One of my 2015 goals was to keep up with my friends better. So far, we have tentative plans to make a standing dinner night with my friend and her family. We’re thinking Sundays at Momo’s, which is awesome; pizza and beer! Almost everyone I know is married and/or has kids so it is really difficult to make time. I’m going to try.
  • We watched Maze Runner the other day and though I know of the books but had not read them, I was pleasantly surprised. I… I actually like it more than the Hunger Games movies, which bored me to tears, even though I adored those books. At the suggestion of a friend, I began reading Wool last night; also dystopian and so far, pretty interesting!
  • It’s getting to be about that time of the year when I yearn to walk in the woods. I think wee’re due for a good hike.13414920193_f7ef259663_z

Going to address this prompt this week; why not?

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   
Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?

I have gone to a movie by myself exactly twice: once to see Almost Famous and the other time, to see Thor, because when Ash and I went together, I wasn’t feeling well and spent a good bit of that movie in the bathroom. I kind of like the idea of a movie by myself because no one will talk at me but the image it projects is that you have no friends. Though I don’t really care, it still strikes a chord.

I do not mind eating alone and I think people do it far more often now. Sometimes it is nice.

Now a concert? Nah. That’s a group thing. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Baby snot, on-going sports, need to get away

  1. Sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. My mother also passed away just 2 weeks ago. It has been hard on my children to lose their Gran as well.

  2. First, Almost Famous is such a great movie!! love it. And you know my butt will be in theatre seat – alone or not – for ANY Marvel superhero movie. 🙂
    I am done and good-bye to January too. It quite frankly sucked, and I struggled to find any joy or beauty when life kept pummeling us in the wallet, health and then my MIL having a stroke. Yes, give me something good February.
    Maze Runner is on my list. I enjoy the dystopian stories too – I especially loved Snowpiercer this past year – although it is fairly violent. I was surprised that I did get caught up in the Hunger Games movies because I thought it would be too “teen like” – as Twilight was. but not the same at all; thankfully.

  3. Hard to fathom it’s almost February – but January won’t be missed. So very sorry about the loss of your grandmother.

    I have yet to watch the rest of the Hunger Games movies – Princess Nagger has been pestering me about them, so it’ll happen sooner rather than later. We were starting a tradition to go to the theater and watch them, her and I, since they were getting released one or around her birthday, but the last couple didn’t happen because life was too crazy busy. We’ll just have to watch them at home instead! 😉

    I haven’t heard of Maze Runner – thanks for the heads up, I’ll be checking that out! 🙂

    I think I prefer to see the movies and/or dine with a friend because I crave the adult conversations vs. conversing with the kids – and the hubby tends to be a big kid more often than not when we’re around the kids, so it’s more like having 3 kids. At least he puts on his big boy pants on the rare occasion that we have a date night. 😉

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