Random Tuesday – And you press on

Stacy Uncorked
  • My plans are in place for southward travel; I’ll head down Wednesday after work and drive with my dad and sister Thursday morning to my grandmother’s funeral. We’ll probably come back in the evening and I will drive back home some time Friday. This works out for the best because I actually get two days of admin leave for this. Plus, Ash won’t have to drop out of his race Saturday morning.
  • I am fairly surprised things are coming together so well; I even found someone to cover my Thursday class. Because I am superstitious, I am waiting for the bad to show up. LOL. I guess the “bad’ will be having to attend the actual funeral. I HATE funerals and don’t handle them very well. I’ve always freaked out about them. I remember my grandfather’s funeral in December ’07; I managed to stay very detached but it was not a fun time.
  • On a happier note, my newish neighbors – the ones who moved into my awesome former neighbours’ house – put the home up for sale, already! I think what happened was that their family moved them here but it turns out that they are just too old to maintain it. The weird thing to me is that the story goes that the family moved them here to be closer but their family NEVER visits. They were all there the first week, putting up a fence and fixing the yard, but then we haven’t seen them since. Eh, good riddance. They are apparently huge smokers and when we play outside in our front yard, it stinks. Crazy, right?
  • I bought a pair of Maui Island loafers about a year ago on ebay. They were brand new, just not the right size for this woman’s daughter, so the story goes. Well, I didn’t look too closely at all the details because when I got them, though new, they also reeked of smoke. So badly that I could not even wear them. So, I put them out in my garage on top of the dryer and never looked back. The other day, I was cleaning off the top of the dryer and decided to smell them. Sure enough, they now smell like new-ish shoes and leather. Magical!20150113_120408
  • Because I have so much stuff to do soon, I am trying to pace myself and just sort of be in the now. If I start planning too much, I think I might have a breakdown.
  • I have to get some work done now but happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – And you press on

  1. Oh how I hate it when you buy something from ebay and end up with something that reeks of smoke but nice to read that after a year they no longer stink and they fit bonus. I also do not like funeral but it doesn’t stop me going as I am going to one of Friday with my parents

  2. So sorry about your grandmother. I don’t handle funerals well either. I never know what to say exactly. Or, I am too emotional.
    I bought new clothes at a discount warehouse store once…. and when I got them home, detected a slight odour to them. A washing didn’t seem to clear it, so my mom said put a bowl of vinegar in the closet to absorb the odour. and it worked!
    Good riddance to bad neighbours! that’s the worst.

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