Too slammed to actually put something together

This weekend just flew by; we were super busy. On Saturday, Elliot had a 9 AM soccer game and Isaac had a 10, so Ash took Elliot, I stayed home then took Isaac to his with Baby and then when Ash showed up, I took Elliot back to his field for his 11 o’clock game and Ash and Isaac showed up about 5 minutes into that one. It was crazy! I just wish they could both be at the same park but Elliot is now in a league where they play on larger fields. So yeah we did that then napped then went to the store. Ash took Isaac to the doctor because long ago – back in late September, he had gotten a splinter but it was so deep in there and he was spazzing out so we were unable to get it out. I always figured those things worked themselves out but his calloused over then just days ago, began hurting him again. It’s always something!

That said, my grandmother passed away last night. It had been a long time coming so it’s not a surprise. but now I have to make plans for getting down there and making sure Ash can handle the kids at home (I’m not dragging everyone). It’s crazy and I am not sure how it is all going to work but I am sure it WILL. Just another thing I have to make it through.

Sorry for cutting this short but it’s still crazy at work. I’ll be around…

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