Friday Five – Too busy to blog

Five thoughts:

  1. This has seriously been A WEEK. I have worked at the University in the capacity of First year Comp assistant for eight years and this has been, by far, the busiest start to the semester. I had very little time to eat or even go to the bathroom; every time I did, five more kids showed up at my door. It was constant.
  2. It’s also cold here. I mean, I live in Florida and it didn’t get above 40 yesterday! I know most people think Miami or Disney World when they hear Florida but we’re a very diverse state, I promise.
  3. Speaking of that, we’re taking a little weekend trip to Jacksonville in March. Ash is running a 15k and we’ll plan to do some other stuff. I want to go to Amelia Island’s beaches because I hear you can find sea glass there.
  4. I have a student in my class who claims to hate Christmas music. While I respect his right to have an opinion, I think he is wrong when he says it sucks. No, sir, you suck!
  5. After the longest two days, we went out to dinner last night and had a great time: pizza, beer, ice cream after; all my kids behaved and it was just NICE. You know, sometimes things come together and there’s a perfect moment with the people you love.

Five Photos:

I didn’t take many this week so here are some Pinterest things and some songs I have been blasting.







2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Too busy to blog

  1. Love that last quote, that is a great one! I agree with you, your student is wrong, Christmas music does not suck! Sounds like he is the grinch 😉 Hopefully this next week isn’t quite so busy for you. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love going out for a meal if only Tim would agree to do it more often when I do talk him into it he is this is so great we should do it more often but still it takes me months of asking to get him to agree

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