Friday Five – Fighting the ick, time flying, home wishing

Five thoughts:

  1. According to a coworker, I am racist because I don’t want to donate money to the ebola cause. I should have clarified on facebook that I a.) don’t think I want facebook to tell me where to send my money and b.) I am against people donating through social media because it is more about telling people you did it and not doing it because you believe in the cause. But along with being a “terrible person” because I don’t want to be a therapist, I’m racist for not sending money to a teeny tiny area of the world affected by a problem. Why I don’t unfriend more people on facebook is beyond me.
  2. The past few weeks have been the kind where I keep catching little things that I flat out ran out of time to do. Then other things come up and my husband asks why I didn’t do them. As if extra stuff has a place in my life! I asked him when, pray tell, I was supposed to get up to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to replace the inside of our bedroom trash can. That’s not exactly high on my priority list and yet, he was honestly baffled by why I hadn’t done it.
  3. Honestly, some of my work hours are suffering because I have been running errands during the day. It’s a little ridiculous just how much there is to do that cannot be done in the 24 hours we’re given each day.
  4. Add onto this the fact that I am warding off some kind of sickness. I don’t feel bad but I am a little achey (yes, I had a flu shot a month ago) and just sort of run down. Yesterday I took a long hot bath that did eventually get rid of that weird tingly feeling you get before the chills kick in. There was way too much going on in my house for me to just sit around so powering through was actually good for me. I felt pretty good. I slept on the couch on and off until 11 and each time I woke, I noticed that I felt pretty good. And this morning I do too, except my back hurts. Hmmm.
  5. I’d like November to slow down a bit. It’s going quickly right? I started some Christmas shopping early and now I feel a little behind. Especially because one of the Sirius Xm channels has begun playing Xmas songs already. They used to wait until right before Thanksgiving but I guess it’s being pushed to the first week of November! That’s insane! And I can’t deny that I listen to it on my drive every morning. 😉



Five Photos:

I didn’t take many this week so I will just pick some I have liked on Pinterest.


Since we’re house hunting (sort of), this is the kind of porch I want:



I also want an entry:d594a1cc35f21aab2d879e95c4fa412f

And a huge yard (preferably larger than this but like this):hr3245028-30

I love looking at seasonal type images:6f06cc71f7806293643a025ed047c96c


And I just might do this in my house come December:a70a123f4bfb056b98dfc5d8481b8b39

4 thoughts on “Friday Five – Fighting the ick, time flying, home wishing

  1. There is a whole element of Facebook that really is look at me, look at me about doing anything–donating, the ice bucket challenge, just anything. Really it seems a bit high school in that aspect.
    Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. Oh I want a porch like that too! And seriously I don’t even get how she made the connection that you are racist because you wouldn’t donate to the ebola cause! Wow, seriously some people I think just look to find offense and get upset about things. This is just a busy time of year. I am trying to get a ton of things done myself and want to just get on top of things but it seems impossible. Thanks so much for linking up

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