Wednesday hodgepodge – Glad it’s back this week!

1. We celebrate Veteran’s Day in the US of A on November 11th. When did you last interact with a member of the armed forces (either currently serving or retired)? Have you ever written a letter to a soldier, bought a meal or coffee for a soldier, said an unprompted thank you to a soldier you encountered out and about somewhere? If you’re not in the US, comment on a similar holiday in your own country.

Does yesterday’s parade count? We sat next to a group of them. But for the most part, it’s a community I do not regularly interact with. However, about two years ago, a guy who must have served in the Gulf War (judging by his age) was always standing on this one cut-through road I took. One day, I actually handed him some money because I caught that light and he was just so thankful. I feel badly that so many of them end up that way.

2. You can have fifty pounds of anything at all (except money)…what would you choose?

Like our host, I can’t think of anything for myself that I’d want 50 pounds of. So I will go with coats for when it gets cold here. I’d donate them to the battered women/childrens’ center.

3. When did you last receive an invitation in the ‘real’ mail? What was it for and did you attend? When it comes to RSVP-ing, are you an ‘early responder’ or a ‘last minute, barely-under-the-wire’ kind of guest?

I can’t remember the last time I got something of that sort in the actual mail! I guess the last physical invite was for one of Isaac’s friend’s parties so it was sent home from school. And I am typically an early responder.

In general I’m an early responder. I’ve heard some interesting stories about wedding RSVP’s, but we’ve already had some returned and so far, so good. 

4. What’s something you really don’t like to waste?

Food. LOL. It’s hold-over from my childhood when we were all told we’d better finish our food because there are starving children in China. I don’t hesitate to throw some away if I am full. But for my kids, I make them at at least X number of bites sometimes because leftovers bug me.

5. Cheers, Friends, MASH, Seinfeld…of the ones listed, your favorite long-running sitcom?

Friends! Though I did used to like Cheers. Never cared for Seinfeld.

6. What decision are you glad you made?

I agree with our host: having kids was definitely one of the best. I didn’t really want them but once I committed, I am so glad I did.

7. In this month of ‘Thanksgiving’ what is one thing that’s different today than it was a year ago that you’re grateful for?

Well for one thing, Baby isn’t much of a baby anymore. I love tiny babies but this stage is way more fun. She can say some words and show affection and she’s so smart.


Last year this time15556697677_2224164bd7_z

Last week

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Life is BUSY, people. I am way overwhelmed this week. between getting ready for our garage sale, and grading to do, and the fact that we spent yesterday afternoon in the doctor’s office with baby (she’s fine; think she was having a night terror), I am just drowning in it. I threatened to run away by myself for a week and of course I would never do that but I honest-to-God have half a mind to find a good deal on a one night stay in one of the local ritzy hotels. I mean, how magical would it be to just be alone for a little while? I would miss my kids at some point but maybe one night by myself would do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday hodgepodge – Glad it’s back this week!

  1. I’m the Queen of being alone… I guess being single and living by myself for so long has now made me a bit of a loner, because if I’m around a big crowd for any length of time, or when I go on holidays with my family in the summer, I’m usually looking forward to coming home and spending time by myself, doing my own thing. I need my “Jill Time”. So yeah – I get the feeling of wanting to run away for even just a night to be by yourself!

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