Random Tuesday – Troll, America, Soda, Onward!


Random it up!

  • So there actually is a troll commenting on my brief mention of ebola. It’s great! I remember reading Dooce a loooong time ago and thinking how funny it was that people spent actual time and energy to say negative things on her site. I finally gained one!
  • It’s Veteran’s Day and I, of course, shout out to anyone who gave their time, effort, and some, their lives for our country. I’m not cut out for the military so thank you to the ones who are!
  • We’re going to the parade later and I love this one because two things: bikers and military vehicles. I get a little teary-eyed when they all start their engines and roar past with American flags flying. I finally understand why my grandmother cried at parades. I found it so strange when I was a kid. While people bustled about her kitchen in the early Thanksgiving morning hours, she sat glued to the Macy’s Day Parade.
  • Can you believe Thanksgiving is so close? Now that flag football is over, my next few weekends are defined as (in order): Garage Sale, FSU game, Thanksgiving. They’ll go quickly too, I know it.
  • Todd update: his eye looks a lot better. He has another appointment on Thursday so we’ll see if it is actually better. That would be a major relief!
  • I am stuck on level 361 of Candy Crush and it seems nigh impossible to beat. So I have been playing their soda version and liking it a whole lot more. Just what I need: another time waster!
  • Since it’s a day off/holiday, I have to run; still have normal work type things to do except I am at home and being bugged by three tiny humans. See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Troll, America, Soda, Onward!

  1. One time, I wrote about getting a new goldfish – I called him a “black, bug-eyed, ugly little mofo” – and I got a REALLY big lecture from a fish lover on my ignorance, and how one should really do their research before taking responsibility of a living thing. The internet trolls are a diverse bunch, I tell ya…

    I get teary at parades now too… I just fill up with emotion. Totally get it.

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