Random Tuesday – Just how long will it take me to post today?


Random it up!

  • I have the strong desire to rewatch all the superhero movies; like, all of them. Thor (and 2), Xmen, Avengers, Dark Knight, etc. I don’t know why; it’s funny how things come and go so randomly. I guess these are very… comfortable. I think this time of year makes me yearn for comfort.
  • Speaking of, I am dying for cooler afternoons/nights. Mornings are nice but it’s warming up by noon. I want to come home from work and make hot apple cider and curl up on the couch. As it gets darker earlier and still pitch black in the mornings, I crave the sort of creature comforts that tend to go hand in hand with winter. I’m still very much enjoying Fall but do so ever love the hunkering down in wintertime.
  • I think I am actually ready for the Daylight Savings thing to happen. Please change the light in the morning!
  • After posting that SpikeXBuffy vid yesterday, I kind of want to go through and rewatch that series. I could never get Ash to watch it with me though. We have Netflix but not streaming so I would pretty much have to convince him to get it. But I really want to watch it! I’m enamored by the torturous relationship Spike and Buffy have. And I bet you thought I’d be more of an Angel fan. Pfft.
  • Todd gets to go back to the doggie ophthalmologist tomorrow for a recheck. Hopefully these meds are doing their job and we can just continue on this path for the foreseeable future.
  • Though Halloween has yet to happen, I definitely feel like the stores are rushing us through the holidays. I realize Thanksgiving itself is not a huge shopping holiday outside food-buying but I’d like to revel in each for just a little bit. I mean, sure, I do like to do some Christmas shopping little at a time but still… I’m not ready for Fall to go away just yet!
  • I don’t want it to sound like I’m bragging but our gas prices have dipped under three bucks. I’m almost giddy about this and I don’t know why. Guess I just remember 98 cent gas in 1998 and, well, it’s hard to let go of good things. What are gas prices in your necks of the wood?
  • I’ve been listening to music for the last hour and not getting a thing done so I think I’d better go. I got a bit delusional knowing my boss wasn’t coming in today but alas, work is calling… and I must answer. Have an awesome random Tuesday!

And just for funsies:94bf56f9d8702f6fe8863915513d454c

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Just how long will it take me to post today?

  1. I’m excited for the hunkering down of wintertime as well.. but the temps are pretty cool here these days, and there’s even talk of wet snow on the weekend, so… soon enough, I guess.
    And I SO hear you on the dark mornings. This morning it was terribly dark. I’m ready for the time to change!
    AND I’m also giddy about gas prices. They’re at the lowest I’ve seen in a few years around here, getting gas for $1.12 a liter is cause for celebration after months of $1.30+…

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