Random Tuesday – Oh, and it is random alright


  • So I actually have a million things to do since I was not here the majority of yesterday and I am going on Isaac’s field trip at 10. BUT, let’s go ahead and get random.
  • I learned two interesting things about the government this weekend: 1.) If you have been convicted of a felony, you lose your right to vote. I never knew this and I find it highly unfair. 2.) They are slowly reducing the number of days polls are open for early voting and they claim it is to reduce voter fraud. However, the educated, insightful person may realize why this is: do you know the demographic who typically does early voting? Minorities. They go to the church – also the polling place – together and do it. It kind of makes me sick how these things are happening right under our noses. Just when I think our country has made progress…
  • Ok, no more controversial type things. Isaac’s head bump is turning all shades of lovely blues and blacks and even chartreuse.
  • Did I tell you that he has two kids in his class this year named River and Phoenix? That’s funny to me. River has two mommies; I think this is our school’s first “non-traditional” family (This is not true; my informant must have been mistaken.) ! I’m going on the field trip today so it’ll be cool to meet some of the parents that I don’t know from before.
  • Here’s a link to a funny video of guys trying on Victoria’s Secret underwear. You’ve been warned. (They don’t show anything but it is hilarious.)
  • I’m still not feeling 100% today but better than before. Staying home alone yesterday was exactly what I needed. I sat on the couch for a while, then ate lunch and got in my bed to nap and watch Bones reruns. Once I felt like I could pull myself up, I did dishes and cleaned up a little. I didn’t even let myself think about work at all and that was wonderful. Except then a strange thing happened: I didn’t want to go back to work. That is unlike me. I love working. But yesterday, for a brief moment, I felt like I could abandon work and be just fine.
  • Well, I thought we were in the clear with Dakota but she apparently just threw up. Ash is going to get her and I’m still going to go on the field trip. As they say, when it rains, it pours.
  • With that, I am going to get stuff done in case he feels later like he can’t actually handle it.

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Oh, and it is random alright

  1. Sometimes taking time to just be by yourself to get better is the best way to get better. I hate that doing that comes with guilt, at least for me.

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