Random Tuesday – Throw away the donuts, Stretch more, Revisit running, Enjoy summer





  • This morning, I heated up my Jimmy Dean Deelights sandwich and when I pulled it from the microwave, it fell to the floor – sausage down, egg side, right on the floor. I threw it back in the microwave and hit it for another 50 seconds. I figure that killed anything. But let’s not assume this unfortunate event relates to how my day might go.
  • It’s day two of Fall semester, which is really like day one all over again because of Tuesday/Thursday classes. So far, it’s nice and quiet.
  • My dad bought those Entenman’s donuts on Sunday and they were BOGO so we had ALL these damn donuts sitting around and I am really torn between just eating them or throwing them away. I mean, I really don’t need them. Though I was so good yesterday: a small salad and some baked crispy things for lunch. Then a granola bar. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner with a banana. Oh, but I ate a donut too. And one chicken nugget. It MAY be time to get my eating back on track.
  • My legs hurt from 21 Day Fix lower workout. My quads burn when I take stairs or bend down. It’s really uncomfortable but a nice reminder that I WORKED. But this kind of reminds me that I have felt like running again lately. If we drive down Blairstone, all I can think about are all those runs I did down that road, on that blacktop path by the trees. The water fountain reward at the intersection, the taller shady trees after the bend. The mornings have been so much cooler the past two days and that little bit of break makes me yearn for Fall and running weather.
  • I was just thinking this morning that though it is getting cooler, I might want one more beach day; I’m not necessarily ready to give up on summer. And then, my desk calendar said this:20140826_075607
  • Ok calendar, you win.
  • This article popped up from a facebook friend today and I think it is really interesting. I am a sucker for comparing the past to the present so I have to share it. I am pretty sure that a lot of parents are doing these things today and I admit to being a  little feel-proud that I have managed to steer clear.
  • I took a looong break from writing this post because I got a call about vandalism down in our first year TA office space. We share it with Classics so I went down there to see. It kind of looked like maybe two different people. One wrote some nazi stuff and a note to lock the door. The other wrote this stuff about pain and suffering and some girl’s name who apparently broke his heart. Awwww.
  • The creepy thing was a student came in to add a class just as I was getting wind of this and her name? The exact same as the one written down there! I gave her a head’s up that campus police might be contacting her.
  • And with that, I leave you because I am buried under work!

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Throw away the donuts, Stretch more, Revisit running, Enjoy summer

  1. Local school started here yesterday, but the university doesn’t get going until next week. We have another few days of semi quiet then it all gets ramped up again.

  2. I love donuts but I don’t eat them very often maybe I will have them for a few weeks then I won’t have any for a few months. I use to stretch lots but not so much anymore

  3. LOL! Omg the article you linked to is hilarious. God the pressure that is put on parents today. I’m glad you’ve managed to steer clear. There’s also so much more pressure put on kids too. UGH! I miss the 80s and 90s. Simpler times friend!
    Now see, everyone is posting about being sad summer is almost over, and I cannot wait for it to end. It’s too dang hot here, and I’m so ready for fall!

  4. I’m OK with summer getting one last hurrah – but I’m ready for fall, too. We’ll probably have a September heat wave that I’ll hate because I’ll be wanting to make chili and pasta sauce and wear big cozy sweaters. lol But I could do with a beach day…or at least one more ice cream cone… Oh, and speaking of eating poorly… if I had all those donuts around, I’d be in SERIOUS trouble. I can’t stay out of stuff like that!! lol!!

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