Random Tuesday – What do you know about trouble?



  • Here’s a list I found on Pinterest that accurately describes me on a daily basis: 
  • More than anything, Pinterest spawns nostalgia in me. It makes me yearn for things too, like beer and beaches and these yummy recipes people always post, but I want someone to cook it for me.
  • I have a plan today: blog/net for an hour, edit for an hour, grade for an hour, take a break. Grade for an hour, eat for half an hour, prep for class, edit for 30 mins, teach. Then I am out because Ell and I go to the dentist.
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  • Funny because it’s true
  • I was frazzled this morning because the kids weren’t listening. I gave Elliot a task to do (put his lunch and water into his bag) and left for a minute. Came back and he was still just sitting, staring off into space. Um… kid, get with it.
  • I did a bad thing yesterday: I was feeling kind of down and crampy so I went and got my earned free medium drink at Dunkin’ but then I also ate two donuts. Blame it on hormones or whatever but I regretted them immediately. My workout was not very enjoyable and I felt all fat and gross. Bad decision making, I guess.
  • I’m feeling a beach day again soon but we have a bday party this Saturday and another next Saturday and before I know it, it’ll be August, won’t it? In about three weeks, Baby Girl is going to be one! Time… I’m telling you. Drives me crazy.
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  • True, right? I mean, I complain but I’ll keep my issues and sort them out.
  • One of said problems is that I want to move. I mean, we’ve talked about it for a few years – moving farther out of town to a newer neighborhood with more kids. We visited a friend of mine this weekend and she lives in that kind of place. And she is always trying to convince me that we can afford it and it’s SO much better. The funny part is that it’s not that we CAN’T afford it. It’s that we want to make sure we can keep affording everything else. I don’t want to be house poor. I don’t want all my money to go to my mortgage. But man, I just keep thinking about a house with newer things and a safe road to ride bikes on and neighbor kids. It’s a dream that will need to wait, for a little while.
  • For you see, I have a plan. My office manager retires in May and I’m gunning for it. I already talked to her, but I need to start discussing it with the powers that be. I realize they’ll have to interview other people but if I start now, I might just have  a chance. This could be the one job I have been looking for!
  • That’s all for now; I am at my time limit and there is much work to be done.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – What do you know about trouble?

  1. There’s always someone who has it worse than you do. I think that’s why I used to love the clean up shows–my house looked much less messy after seeing what some people lived in.

  2. Many years ago I went through a stage of wanting to move, we never did though and now I am happy here and have plans to ever move. My house is nice a messy in a nice and orderly manner.

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