Whiny Wednesday – Revival!

crybaby4 (1)



I think I could probably come up with some garbage today so let’s delve in!

I want to go to the beach but it looks like rain for, like, the next two weeks. In fact, it’s raining right now; today looks downright gloomy. Blah.

I have a TON of work to do and I go sucked into this site I have looked at time and again that showcases photos of Tallahassee then and now. I find it fascinating how much our city has changed. I recently posted a photo of something looking awfully modern and big-city-like and the Democrat’s Twitter person replied that more big city amenities are on their way. This makes me both happy and sad.

Today’s T25 workout is Speed 3.0 I HATE the Speed workout. Here’s a clip someone recorded off their TV and look how hard that is! Maybe it doesn’t look hard but I challenge you to do just what is shown there. Now, try it for 25 minutes.


may have had too much coffee this morning. See, I found something magical at Target:d10f2265b7c14e06ba3f50490fcb7af5

I had maybe 3/4 of a cup this morning with breakfast (around 6:45) then I brewed a cup and took it to work. I’m just about done and I am a wee bit jittery. you’d think by my age I’d have learned how to temper myself but you know, not so much. Not when it comes to coffee.

Time is passing too quickly today; make it stop! I’m editing this manuscript and I’m on a deadline. I do a few pages then get sidetracked by my regular job or a phone call or a wandering thought. Today, my brain keeps flashing me images of the mall Somewhere, my subconscious wants me to go shopping, though I rarely go to the mall.

My finger nails are a hot mess. I never get manicures because I chip the paint but I am considering getting them all to a certain length and then at least having them tended to. My hands look terrible!

And now, I am hungry, thirsty, and exasperated with people so I’m going to shut my office door and do work. Do work, son!




4 thoughts on “Whiny Wednesday – Revival!

  1. Whoa – T25 looks intense! I have a few friends who have been doing it, but I’ve been sticking to my Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat DVDs for now…I really like the fact that T25 is only 25 minutes a day, but I’m not sure I can keep up to that pace! lol Good for you guys!!

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