Friday Confessions – It is SO break time

I confess… I have GOT to stop going to the new Dunkin’ on campus for anything other than coffee. They never know how to make what I order and a part of that is their inability to read. WRAP and FLATBREAD are not the same word!

I confess… I am trying not to get ahead of myself but vacation is approaching! Just two more weeks. I think we’ve decided to spend a day at EPCOT instead of Animal Kingdom. This is awesome for me because that is my favorite park!

I confess… I am finding it very hard to get started on work but if I don’t want to be reading papers over the weekend, then I had better do it.

I confess… I have really fallen in love with Pinterest (I realize I am late to the game on this) and it is becoming a time suck. See, I was on tumblr for a while and didn’t see the point of pinterest but it’s an entirely different creature. I guess I just need things to keep me multitasking at work.

I confess… (TMI Warning!) It has been nearly 19 months since I’ve had to visit the woman only aisle at the grocery store. I had even forgotten how awful that whole thing can be and what cramps felt like. But oh, guess it’s time to go back to being like all the other non-pregnant, non-breastfeeding, non-post-menopausal (and any other category of womanhood) women out there. (You like all those dashes and parentheses? 🙂 )

I confess… on this Jimmy Buffett playlist I subscribe to is his version of Pacing the Cage, which always makes me think of a Bret Hart documentary I used to watch all the time when I liked professional wrestling. I kind of miss those days.

I confess…I’m kind of glad that tonight is Elliot’s last baseball game. This has felt like a long season. It will be nice to reclaim weeknights.

Remember this to-do list from last week? I’ve checked off what’s actually gotten done. It’s laughable, really.

Things I have to do:

  • Put St. George Island sticker on car
  • Clean out car; Windex inside of windshield
  • Water kitchen windowsill cactus
  • Rinse off camp chairs – sand sticks to them
  • Order new ones of these
  • Get a pedicure
  • Book vet for boarding in June
  • Sort through Baby Girl clothes; some no longer fit
  • Change crib bedding
  • Vacuum hair on bathroom floor
  • Get a haircut
  • Have Elliot write thank you notes to people who did the Flat Stanley project
  • Experiment with some Pinterest recipes
  • Take a damn vacation!


Gotta keep plugging away! Have a great weekend.

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