Wednesday Whine – Ragey vonRagerington

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Here’s the image I want to use for this meme. I don’t have the patience to sit here and work through this tutorial: does anyone know how to make the code so people can grab this if this thing takes off?

Remember the rules: Post as many whiny, ranty, rage-type things as you want BUT balance it out with at least three good things. And you also have to post a photo; I don’t care of what. It can be something you found on the net you like or a recent phone pic, etc.


People on the road today were total asshats. Ass clowns, if you prefer an Office Space reference. I mean, people just pulling off to the side and parking, yet still right in the way. I think summer brain is affecting everyone in Tallahassee.

I really hate when people call my office during the 20 or so minutes I leave to pick up food, then email me and copy other people, mentioning that they happened to call when I was gone. Hey, why don’t you focus on NOT being a jerk?

I am sick of Elliot being told not to do something/to stop doing something and then he does it just one more time. I know he’s a kid and they have some major flaws but OMG. It’s starting to drive me a little batty.

Father’s Day apparently falls on the Sunday after we get back from vacation. All I’m going to feel like doing is laundry and catching up on other household chores. I am not going to want to think about what special thing we can do for dad. Sigh.

It’s apparently lawn maintenance day on FSU’s campus and I can’t hear my Kenny Loggins playlist with all that damn racket.

There’s some stuff coming up in regards to that accident my husband had FOUR YEARS ago and I am getting stressed about it. What worries me is that if things go south and this loser asshole wins somehow,  I will lose all faith in humanity and our justice system. I’m trying very hard not to think that way though.


Now for the good!

Elliot lost his third tooth while we were at Sonny’s on Saturday. He’s just so thrilled whenever it happens. And I love that he honest to God believes the tooth fairy comes while he sleeps. He sometimes asks if so-and-so character is magic and then if magic is real. My answer is always: if you believe it is. This suffices for now, thankfully.

I’m having so much fun finding pictures from things I remember from my childhood on Pinterest. I really hold the 80s and 90s near and dear to my heart. Because I was born in ’79, there was a lot of 70s holdover too so there’s this vast amount of time that brings joy to my heart. These days really are very different.

I applied to another job this morning. I hope it works out, in some ways. I am really looking for just one job, you know? But since I cannot start until the beginning of August, that could be a key detractor.

And a photo. This just makes me feel all warm:7abe2ee158218e20aad69be5a38ae50d




One thought on “Wednesday Whine – Ragey vonRagerington

  1. Father’s Day is in September here in Australia, yeah little ones doing the same naughty thing over and over again, is so frustrating how many times do we have to tell them no. Little ones love to lose teeth so the toothfairy can come, when you get to be 50 you are not so happy to be losing a tooth…………..

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