Whiny Wednesday

This could be a new meme, people. We’ll see!

Maybe I’ll look into making a button and figuring out what to do here. My plan is to whine and complain for a bit BUT I then have to counter with at least three positives. I think this might be pretty cathartic.


The new neighbors (whom we have yet to meet) hired surveyors but they messed up. They put one stake on the far side of the house, then one on ours, which is fine because Nancy and Smitty had built this little wooden retaining curb for water run-off and we knew it might be a little off. BUT, the surveyors put in a 1 inch by 1 inch stake and dug up about a one foot by one foot patch of my grass! Also, they must have mistaken our house for the one to survey, as they tromped into this big bush on the other side of our yard, cut some branches and left a mess. Losers.

Last night, Ash seemed a little sick. You know, blowing his nose a bunch and sounding congested. I thought nothing of it until this morning when my throat hurts; UGH!

I posted a photo on Facebook today that I was sure would get the pot stirring. You know, it wasn’t too incendiary but it could rub a lot of my hippie liberal friends the wrong way. So far, no one has fought me. I am both happy and sad about this!

Now that I have had that smoothie aforementioned two nights in a row, I realize that though I may not be hungry after it, I wake up starving the next day. I don’t know if it’s because it wasn’t enough calories or if I am working out so hard that I have reached that goal of taking in less than I am burning. But I know that all I can think about is food. Lots of it.

I’m pissed that it looks like our baseball game will get rained out today. I know maybe I should be happy for the break but I want him to get his full value out of the season, you know?

I was volunteered to make both my mac and cheese and sex cake cookie pie for the end of season baseball gathering. This is Ash’s doing; he loves both those things I make. And the cookie pie is just THAT good that he dubbed it, well, the above. But basically, on the 25th I will be cooking all day.


Now, some happy to balance:

I have discovered the wonder that is Sonic happy hour. Sure, I’ve seen the commercials before: 2-4 every day, half priced drinks. Well, I took Elliot there Sunday and a medium slush for a buck is a damn good deal. And now that it’s hot again, I’m all for this every weekend.

I somehow miscalculated how much money I have and it turns out, it’s more than originally thought. Can’t argue with that!

I’m going to get myself some sushi today because I want it. And it is going to be delicious.


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