Friday Confessions/Note to self

I confess… I left a lot of work for myself for this morning and, of course, it isn’t going smoothly at all. Because that is the way this world works, you know.

I confess… when I complain about petty things like that, I feel bad. It could be worse and I should be damn thankful.

I confess… my current favorite Jimmy Buffet song isย Happily Ever After.

I confess… I have to mow my lawn this weekend and I’m… actually looking forward to it. Not to brag on myself but I like hard work. Plus, I get a nice tan out there in the blazing sun. I then plan on taking a cold shower and a nap. Ah, weekends.

I confess… Elliot is going to his first sleepover this weekend. I am both happy and nervous for him. I don’t think he’ll get scared and want to come home. But I am afraid he’ll act obnoxious and piss off the parents. Do you remember being a kid and not giving a damn about that? I was completely oblivious to the parents’ take on sleepovers. Also, I always wonder now if my parents gave the other parents money for my food or if it’s commonly accepted that whoever is hosting the child pays. And it’s then assumed that the next time, we’d cover for their kid. Like, Ell went to Addy’s house once and they fed him and then we fed Addy when he came over for a playdate. So I guess it’s the same? Oh, I know this isn’t a huge deal but it’s one of those parent protocols I don’t really know yet.

Now for the portion of this post where I make a list of stuff I need to do. It’s more for me than you, because I use my blog as an account of my life to remind myself, but still. I would find this interesting if YOU put it on your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I have to do:

  • Put St. George Island sticker on car
  • Clean out car; Windex inside of windshield
  • Water kitchen windowsill cactus
  • Rinse off camp chairs – sand sticks to them
  • Order new ones of these
  • Get a pedicure
  • Book vet for boarding in June
  • Sort through Baby Girl clothes; some no longer fit
  • Change crib bedding
  • Vacuum hair on bathroom floor
  • Get a haircut
  • Have Elliot write thank you notes to people who did the Flat Stanley project
  • Experiment with some Pinterest recipes
  • Take a damn vacation!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions/Note to self

  1. The dream vacation one? That one I need! If Sunday is nice enough, or possibly tomorrow, I need to clean out cars.

  2. I think a sleepover is funded by the host. Elliot could bring a snack (chips, pretzels, fun stuff), but you don’t have to give them cash. Payment is reciprocated upon the return-sleepover. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My girls usually had sleep overs at their cousins place so when they were there my sister fed them and was allowed to discipline them if needed and when her girls were here I would fee and discipline them if needed.

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