MMMM + Just another weekend

“Now I must confess/I could use a rest…” – Jimmy Buffett

Weekends aren’t as relaxing as you’d think. We’re seemingly always busy these days. Friday night Elliot had a game and we got ice cream afterwards. The baby didn’t get in bed until after 8 and the boys, not until after 9. Surprisingly, they weren’t up all that early on Saturday.  Baby Girl’s been sleeping better too. Anyway,  we didn’t do an awful lot Saturday morning, then Ash went to a card tournament (which he actually won). I took the kids out to run some errands and that wasn’t bad: we got what we needed at Target, I got Ell 2 pair of shoes, jeans, and a shirt at the kids’ consignment place for only 24 bucks total, then I let them eat Chik-Fil-A. I also allowed them to skip nap, which was probably a bad idea. BUT, we made it ok. I threw together dinner and then let them start watching the third Star Wars. Around 7, I put Baby Girl to bed and when I came out to the living room, they’d both fallen asleep on the couch. I let them lay there a while, with the intention of waking them for bath then putting them in bed but I could not rouse them. So, I picked ’em up and put them in bed. They didn’t wake up until after 7 the next day!

We walked in the woods Sunday morning, then went to the store. Isaac had to take a nap – he was super whiny – but Ell helped us move more of our now defunct deck wood to the street. I mowed the backyard then settled in for a calm afternoon (and beer.) BUT, when I went to wash bottles, I realized that none of baby girl’s daycare stuff even came home. UGH. Had to run back out to the store to get new bottles. BUT, I found the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete Elliot’s outfit for today’s Relay for Life 80s theme at school:




I also peg-rolled his jeans so it’s about as 80s as we’re gonna get. I couldn’t find any neon stuff.


Anyway, it’s a freebie week so here’s my lame contribution: a song I can’t seem to stop listening to.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Just another weekend

  1. Weekends really aren’t all that relaxing with kids are they? Ours seem busy, even if we don’t plan anything.
    That Kenny song sounds different than his recent stuff, I like it.

  2. Some of my weekends seem to be busy as and not relaxing at all but then we have other weekends like the last one when I do nothing and go nowhere and it is very relaxing indeed hope your next weekend is more relaxing

  3. Well personally I think when the kids get out doors and they get all that fresh air they tend to get nice & tired and sleep good. Sounds like a really nice weekend though (especially the ice cream part hehehe), & your tune is new to me, but it’s really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Weekends have been fairly relaxing for us much of this month anyhow, but who knows what May will bring. It’s so funny to see kids who do the 80s like the oldies or something. lol I remember our oldies days were the 50s, but today’s kids the 80s is the oldies. WOW, is all I can say! Have a tunetastic week!

    1. I was just thinking how funny it is for kids his age to do 80s when he has no recollection of them. His introduction to 80s fashion came from Back to the Future!

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