Random Tuesday –




  • It’s gray and dark out today and it makes me want more coffee. And donuts.
  • The other day we were noticing how squishy Isaac still is – at 4 – and took to calling him “Donut”. Cute, right?
  • I was driving home yesterday when the sudden urge to use the bathroom hit. Well, I spotted the cigarette store on the corner that was easy to pull into. Luckily, the guy at the counter was nice and let me use their facilities. I have never been so grateful!
  • For a place that sells a variety of stinky things, that store smelled wonderful, like lavender and chamomile.
  • I’ve gone back to listening to y Jimmy Buffett playlists. This time last year I was all about the beach music and it’s time to revisit.
  • There’s a student sitting somewhere outside my office, sniffing repeatedly. I don’t know what they’re waiting for but my guess is the writing center – which is closed until the second half of summer!
  • Elliot’s team lost last night to this team full of little punks. They all had new-agey names like Braxton and Ryder and they were just so ill-behaved. For instance, when our team is up to bat, the kids sit on their bench in the batting order and wait their turn. This team’s kids were messing around and the coaches had to call them frantically when they were up. Considering these kids didn’t listen to anyone, they all played well. So they must have gotten through to them at some point. Oh, and they also pointed out things out team did “wrong”, like three kids going after the same ball. At least we were hustling!
  • What did us in was at the end, their team was all eating oranges and then throwing the peels all over. No parents made them clean up after themselves at all. It makes sense though; I could tell from the way the parents spoke to their kids throughout the game that they all think they’re above the law. Rich folk who think they’re better than everyone. I hope we don’t have to play them again.
  • It’s storming now and I didn’t bring lunch; ugh! I had best go and do work now. TTYL!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday –

  1. Spring weather stinks. We have snow. I’m really over winter/spring or what ever we want to call this season. Bring on summer.

  2. I want more coffee today too… dark and gloomy and windy and rain on the way… just that kind of day I guess!

    I drink so much water and I often misjudge how long I have, thus I end up frantically running into a store and begging to use their facilities. It’s a really sucky problem to have. lol Luckily, I seem to run into nice people who don’t mind either!

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