Friday Confessions –

I confess… I’ve been exasperated with my kids this week but I’ve been calm and content otherwise. It’s a very strange dichotomy in that, normally, being annoyed by them seems to ruin my day. Maybe I am just getting better at compartmentalizing.

I confess… I am loving doing research for this new story I am writing. I changed the way my main characters meet yesterday. I’ve decided to send her on a yoga retreat and that is where she reconnects with her childhood friend. I decided to set the retreat on St. George Island so now I get to write about my favorite beach get-away!

I confess… I am becoming a little too enamored with beach house names. I realize people have been naming houses for centuries but I am really interested in how we name beach houses. The puns entertain me, I can’t lie. Some examples of the ones on St. George: A Ruff Life, Abiding Time, Going Coastal, Isle Be Back, Higher Porpoise, Seas the Moment.

I confess… with the 20-odd research papers I have to grade today, I certainly am wasting  a lot of time writing and looking at Pinterest. It’ll get done though; it always does.

I confess… I got off on a tangent on Pinterest, looking at old Florida homes and places. Talk about a time suck. I need to be better about just closing extraneous windows and focusing on my work!

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