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Last night, Ash chose The Way Way Back and I didn’t want to watch it because I wasn’t in the mood to feel. I knew it would be emotional and I’ve been getting really good at living my life without letting too many emotions drag me down. But, I am glad we watched it because it was excellent. The final scene is cry-inducing for sure. We got in bed early and sometimes Ash and I end up talking a while on nights like that, which is nice because as most parents know, it’s nigh impossible to have a conversation when kids are around. You’re either too busy or getting interrupted. It’s also nice to reconnect when our lives are so busy. I mean, we’ve been pulled in so many directions lately, I barely know where one day ends and the next begins.

This morning was crazy because I forgot it is bike day at daycare so I had to go back. Isaac has a new bike so he’d be devastated if he didn’t get to ride it. Then I had to get into work, get coffee and breakfast, then prep for class. I am so glad it’s the last week but at the same time, a bit stressed about money. My adjunct pay will be over after the next pay period and it’ll be all pb&j sandwiches for me and being smart with what I spend. It’s like this every summer and I am so ready for something more steady, more reliable. I know it’ll happen here some day; I’ve applied a million places. And my sister and I have decided: this is the year that my parents and I all get new jobs. (My dad’s been looking for almost 2.5 years, she had a crappy one and quit but has had interviews.)

My mom just got hired at Disney but it’s only seasonal, for now. She’ll be a greeter at the Animal Kingdom character breakfast/lunch place. The process for getting hired was interesting. She applied for a research person – taking guest info and analyzing it – and then got invited to do two separate online interviews before getting called into the Casting Center. There, she interviewed with a woman who then gave her options for jobs that better suited her. So they actually try to place you in a job you want. How cool! My mom has been swearing she’d work at Disney one summer for as long as I can remember; bucket list item checked!

We’re excited for her because we might be able to get at least 3 of us in for free! But we’ll see; she might have some kind of probationary period. Either way, it’s pretty neat, to me.

Today I am grading papers and working on my website that I plan to accompany my resume. I got inspired to showcase and highlight my many talents (LOL) and I figure it can’t hurt to put that with the rest of my info. When done, I’ll let y’all see it. Anyway, just a random, mundane post from me today. See you on Friday!

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