MMMM +Not ready to begin the day

Uuurrrggghhh. Not really ready to begin the day. Coffee has yet to begin flowing through my veins. I also have my oldest boy in the office because Spring Break isn’t long enough for teachers; they need just ONE more day to get stuff done. Meanwhile, all working parents are screwed. So yeah, he’s coloring and trying to be a good kid. My friend’s kid will be here later so they can entertain each other.

ANYWAY, my Friday wasn’t bad: we had a potluck breakfast at work, I finished up some things, then went home to meet Ash. We had Texas Roadhouse and walked around the mall before seeing Non-Stop, which was alright. We didn’t see the last two minutes because daycare called and Isaac had a stomach plague relapse. Sigh. Luckily, he handles all that pretty well. Though, Ash did put him to bed in the bathroom like last time. I don’t think he threw up anymore. Around 7:30, I went out. My friend, Dave, and I went right down the road to the Miccosukee Root Cellar, which I have been wanting to go to for a long time. They don’t do call-aheads or reservations so I expected to wait, which we did but for only about 20 minutes. Dave and I ordered drinks at the bar (Big Nose IPA for me) and were escorted to our table shortly thereafter. I found it to be pretty reasonably priced. We got the bread plate, which had two slices of both white and wheat from a local bakery – Au Peche Mignon – and some awesome butters. I ordered the shrimp and grits, even though it was technically an appetizer. I thought it was enough: six large shrimp and a nice helping of grits. It was all amazing but when I got home, my dream of working out was just going to happen; I basically fell asleep on the couch soon after.

We got a lot of things done both Saturday and Sunday: random errands, grocery shopping, moving junk to the corner to be taken in the trash. We napped and watched movies; it was quite relaxing. We made some nice meals too so all in all, a great weekend.




Yay for freebie weeks! I decided I’ll pick some songs I liked in the 90s, because I just saw a list of them that was particularly interesting.

4 thoughts on “MMMM +Not ready to begin the day

  1. I was not totally ready for today either. But not really ready to be home with the boys. I had enough of that last week. I could use some beach time though.

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