Back from the dead + MMMM

Late Friday evening, a work friend of mine started a new game of Words with Friends with me and asked where I’d been. My answer was, “Dead. Mostly. Until tonight really.” Yes, I was out cold from about 11:30 PM Wednesday until 5 or so. I even still felt a little bad on Saturday. We did our workout on Wednesday night and I opened my early birthday present: a new vacuum. I vacuumed the living room then went into the bedroom around 10:30 to read. Around 11, my stomach started cramping and  then for the next five hours, I was in the bathroom, wrecked. My whole body hurt so much that in between bouts, all I could do was collapse back onto the floor. I pulled a large comforter in there and tried feebly to wrap it around myself as I lay down but I barely cared; so long as it was semi-comfy, I was ok. It was god-awful, people. This is a new bug going around that presents like food poisoning but then leaves you with flu-like aches and chills. I barely got out of bed Thursday and even Friday, I didn’t go to work and I got three things done throughout the entire day.

I was happy to be feeling somewhat like myself on Saturday. And able to eat normal food again. The two days before I ate five small containers of apple sauce and half a piece of toast. Anyway, Ell had baseball practice in the morning and we went to Sonnys after. I couldn’t eat as much as normal but maybe that’s a good thing. We napped and played outside and had spaghetti. I even went to Target by myself that evening, which was quite nice. OH, I forgot to mention that around noon on Friday, Dakota had to be sent home with a fever. Luckily, that was all she had. She was cranky all weekend but I think she fought it off.

It rained the majority of Sunday so we mostly cleaned and watched movies. We showed the boys the original Superman movie and we also finished Stargate, which we’d started watching nearly a month ago. It rained All. Night. Long. And it is still raining today. It didn’t help my Sunday mood. I found myself to be anxious and annoyed for the first time in a while; with three kids and so much going on, I barely have time to sit back and really be worried about stuff but there it was. I think my big fear was Elliot going to Spring Break camp at the Y. He does swim lessons there but other than that, I don’t know a lot about it. I mean, we’ve been inside obviously but after I signed up, there wasn’t any kind of day one instructions, etc. BUT, after I took him today, I feel a lot better. The guy running sign in obviously knows what he is doing and has done this before. Plus, other kids being dropped off had that same worried and apprehensive look on their faces as their parents let them go, and for some reason, that made me feel just fine. I know he’ll be good. The Y is a long-time trusted institution!

My mother is coming through town today on her way home from the Pensacola job. She might pick Ell up early and then she’ll leave tomorrow. I’m thinking Chinese food tonight because I don’t feel like cooking. I’m still a little put off food, even though it wasn’t actually food poisoning. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick over Spring Break; I took a break all right but it sure wasn’t fun!




Well, for St. Patrick’s Day, I guess I will pick some songs about luck, what say ye?

5 thoughts on “Back from the dead + MMMM

  1. That certainly sounds like you had food poisoning. I hope that flu doesn’t come on out here to California. I usually catch those kinds of things.

    Loved hearing both of your songs. Rod Stewart brings back plenty of memories of my sister mainly. She used to dance around the house, and in the car, singing with Rod with a hairbrush as a microphone. Ha!

  2. Ouch that is some nasty sick. So glad you are feeling much better.

    It’s been raining long bouts here too.

    Enjoy your visit with your mom and I really want to try Chinese food someday.

    Love your music selections.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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