Random Tuesday – Any time the sun wants to come out…

Despite a rainy weekend, we’re having a great week and it’s an excellent time to get random!




  • A wee bit late to work today because dropping Elliot off at the Y requires going clear across town. If I wanted it to be convenient, I would have just put him at the other kids’ daycare. But seeing as how he’s in first grade and almost seven, I thought it wise not to put him with all the four year olds.
  • He seemed to like the first day; they do so many different activities that he’s never bored, which is key for kids. Some of you know exactly what I mean!
  • So I weighed myself on Sunday and I am five pounds lighter than the last time I weighed sometime early last week. I highly doubt all of that is from being sick so it must mean that the combination of running/eating better/T25 are beginning to work! Like I said to Ash and in my last post about this workout: I don’t need to look like a model. Hell, I don’t even need to be super thin. I just need to lose the majority of the baby fat in my midsection and I want to get stronger, which is going to happen no matter what. This program works your abs like a beast!
  • I can barely remember what it feels like to put on a bathing suit and not feel self-conscious.
  • My wedding rings are loose now though, which is kind of like a small victory but also, annoying when I type.
  • SO, as my oldest son pointed out this morning, my birthday is in nine days. I’ll be 35. I want to get some of my friends together and hang out at Level 8 but I’ve been slack on finding out how much it costs to reserve a couch. I JUST sent an email trying to figure out when everyone’s free. The self-conscious introvert in me just had a slight panic attack as I hit send. What if they don’t WANT to hang out with me? It’s silly, I know. But I have always second-guessed myself.
  • Maybe, as I round the bend here on mid-30s, I should throw that crap out the window and focus on being more confident. In so many ways, I have. I don’t worry nearly as much about what other people think. My choices are mine and I almost always feel justified. But I need to go whole-hog and just be me. Be proud of who I am.
  • Wow, that sounded super cheesy!
  • Mmmm, cheese.30d68e5b30f76af57531b85491556906

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Any time the sun wants to come out…

  1. My inner introvert has the same issues. Make it hard to have a social life, especially when there are so many other introverts I seem to run into.
    I definitely need to get motivated. I’m kind of really happy we put the boys in swim lessons. Give us twice a week to get started on moving again. Winter really shuts things down for outside activity.

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